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. Sunrise at beautiful Ram River Falls. While I was out exploring central Alberta this past weekend, I noticed some trees are already starting to turn to fall colours, as splashes of yellow dotted the landscape. Wont be long now until we're into full blown Autumn, my favourite season of the year.

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. A 5 minute exposure on a beautiful summer evening in William A Switzer Provincial Park, Alberta. @nikoncanada D750 with 20mm prime f13 | 300s | ISO 100 15 stop ND

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. A couple of Grizzly Bear cubs I had the opportunity to photograph recently at first light. From Northern BC to Southwest Alberta, I've been fortunate to photograph over 30 different grizzly bears in the Canadian Rockies this season. Having said that, I've also been extremely selective of which wildlife I choose to photograph. Always assess the situation firsthand, for the safety of both the animals, and our own. Photos taken on the @nikoncanada D750 with 200-500mm safely and quietly from my parked vehicle, and additionally cropped in post.

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. Yesterday I had the chance to see Edmonton from a birds eye perspective, as I went up in a hot air balloon with @sundanceballoons. It was a true bucket list experience that I had wanted to do for a long time. Swipe right ➡️ to see a few different photos from this experience. I still have another 600 images I haven't had a chance to look through yet. 1) Morning fog over the city skyline 2) Sunbeams cutting through the fog at Buena Vista Dog Park 3) Hawrelak Park 4) CN Walker train yards 5) Balloon reflection in the North Saskatchewan River 6) Perfect timing for a heart shaped balloon reflection 7) Firing up the burners before lift off from a unique perspective 8) Scene from inside the balloon 9) Ready for lift off Shooting on location with @shaneturgeon. Which is your favourite? Have you been up in a hot air balloon before?

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. Stunning Mount Nestor in Kananaskis Country. Swipe right ➡️ to see this scene in different seasons. This view is located just a few minutes walk from the incredible @mountengadine lodge, and the road leads to a staging area for some fantastic hikes in the area. 1) August 2, 2019 2) May 14, 2019 3) November 10, 2018 I suppose I should return this Autumn to complete the seasonal set. Which one do you like best?

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. Fireweed and fire peaks. The summer wildflowers are out in full force in Kananaskis Country currently. I chose a patch of Fireweed for foreground interest here, to match the sunset glow on the Opal Range, as it reflects at one of my favourite spots. Have you visited Kananaskis Country before?

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. I just returned from an amazing few days in Kananaskis Country, at the beautiful @mountengadine lodge, where I met and swapped stories with some wonderful people from all over the world. I was blessed with a plethora of incredible photography opportunities, from stunning wildlife sightings, to immaculate reflections, and gorgeous light. Looking forward to sharing some fresh images. I took this photo yesterday morning from highway 40 West of Longview, always a beautiful drive. Shot on the @nikoncanada D750, with the Nikkor 200-500mm lens.

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. Some gorgeous morning light in Jasper National Park earlier this year. Swipe right ➡️ to see the whole scene. Off to beautiful Kananaskis Country for the next several days. Looking very forward to working together with my friends at @mountengadine lodge again, and enjoying the Summer glamping experience.

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. Some fiery alpenglow on Mount Rundle during sunrise in Banff National Park last month. Looking very forward to getting away for some quiet time in the mountains, and shooting the night skies this week. Shot on the @nikoncanada D750 with 20mm prime lens. #nikoncanada f13 | 60s | ISO 50

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. A fun little reflection shot from Jasper National Park. This is a single 5 minute exposure using a 10 stop neutral density filter. Join myself and @deviantoptiks here for our Jasper Transitions photo tour this coming October 24-27. Just a few spots left! Link in bio.

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. A beautiful barberpole supercell storm with incredible structure near Alder Flats, AB, last night. Love shooting these slow moving photogenic beasts. My favourite type of storm!

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. As most of the North American continent is in the grips of a heatwave currently (or heading into one), a nice, refreshingly cool, icy dip in the Sheep River doesn't sound so bad right now, does it? Shot on the @nikoncanada D750. f8 | 1/10s | ISO 100 Circular Polarizer.

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