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nice action shot

4 days ago 0
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i don't know what captions we're using to justify old photos, but here

21 days ago 0
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no idea what I'm looking at, but Tom is evidently not impressed

4 months ago 0
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see the pained expression on my face which just screams blackrock predebs

7 months ago 0
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life now consists entirely of coming to terms with putting Jam Making on the top of my CAO and looking at videos from summer

8 months ago 0
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trying and failing to get a single nice debs photo: a series

8 months ago 0
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Well, I'm more likely to visit you in Glasgow than I was in Finglas. Have fun in college!

9 months ago 0
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trying to hide my disappointment in Fuad for wearing ripped jeans

10 months ago 0
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mumbling along to bad Spanish songs in a sweaty room while dancing poorly has to be a summer highlight

11 months ago 0
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honourary institute kid

10 months ago 0
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what a nice day

11 months ago 0
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Cretan by choice, cretin by the grace of God

12 months ago 0
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We posed for very different photos

1 years ago 0
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You can't see the hours of frustration and pain because of the filter

1 years ago 0
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John's just tall

2 years ago 0
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EYP friends

2 years ago 0
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