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The whipped, mousse-like texture of new Powder Kiss Liquid Lipcolour softly and evenly kisses lips with just the right amount of comfortable, moisture-matte colour. Pictured here: ¡Escándalo! #MACPowderKiss #Regram @bbangg

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Gloss your way to the top ⬆️✨. @tshanda.kitenge wears: Lip Scrubtious in Candied Nectar Prep + Prime Lip Lip Pencil in Chestnut Retro Matte Lipstick in Relentlessly Red Matte Lipstick in Velvet Teddy Lipglass Clear 209S Brush #Regram

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How many liquid lipcolours does it take to match all your moods?! @adultsdrink needs four – but we’ve got 17 moisture-matte shades of all-new #MACPowderKiss Liquid Lipcolour to choose from. #MoodFlip

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Cutesy, sassy, athletic, EXTRA. What’s your mood? Get a moisture-matte shade to match with new #MACPowderKiss Liquid Lipcolour #MoodFlip. The @wilkingsisters wear #MACPowderKiss Liquid Lipcolour in Over the Taupe, M·A·CSmash, Make It Fashun and Burning Love

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The diffused matte colour you love on your lips – now for your lids. Feel the colour with velvet-soft, ultra-blendable shades of Powder Kiss Soft Matte Eye Shadow. Pictured here in Ripened. #MACPowderKiss

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The formula that ruled the runways last Fashion Week is finally here 📸. Make the sidewalk your catwalk with moisture-matte shades of Powder Kiss Liquid Lipcolour. #MACPowderKiss #MACBackstage

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A long-lasting liquid lip colour for every look. @jenafrumes wears new #MACPowderKiss Liquid Lipcolour —featuring a whipped, mousse-like texture and 10 hours of moisture-matte colour. Show us your #MoodFlip. Pictured here: Make Love To The Camera, Over The Taupe, Make It Fashun, M·A·CSMASH

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Our award-winning Powder Kiss Lipstick formula has been transformed into a Liquid Lipcolour and Soft Matte Eye Shadow. Isn't that just peachy 🍑!? @ooceanmac wears Powder Kiss Liquid Lipcolour in Sorry Not Sorry and Powder Kiss Soft Matte Eye Shadow in Strike A Pose. #MACPowderKiss #Regram

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Powder, Meet Liquid. All-new Powder Kiss Liquid Lipcolour features a whipped, mousse-like texture that delivers soft-focus, moisture-matte colour with ten hours of hydration. Which shade will you get first? Pictured here: Resort Season #MACPowderKiss

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Is it just us, or is it starting to get a bit Chili 🌶? The spicy matte red you made #1 now comes in an all-new formula that moisturizes lips for ten hours. Meet Powder Kiss Liquid Lipcolour in Devoted To Chili. #MACPowderKiss @zenagrekova also wears: Lips: Lip Pencil in Mahogany Eyes: 36 Lash and 30 Lash Brushstroke 24-Hour Liner in Brushblack Eye Brows Big Boost Fibre Gel in Brunette Art Library: Flame-Boyant Face: Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 Studio Fix 24-Hour Smooth Wear Hyper Real Glow in Shimmy Peach Bronzing Powder in Matte Bronze Mineralize Timecheck Lotion

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A moisture-matte shade to match your every mood 😱. @lindseywheeler goes from sporty to flirty in new Powder Kiss Liquid Lipcolour – featuring a whipped, mousse-like texture that moisturizes lips for 10 hours. Show us your #MoodFlip in #MACPowderKiss. Pictured here in Resort Season, Crossfade, Devoted To Chili and M·A·CSmash.

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The perfect addition to your collection. Powder Kiss Liquid Lipcolour looks stunning on your lips – and feels even better with ten hours of moisture-matte colour. #Regram @reganrabanal.

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Why grab one Powder Kiss Liquid Lipcolour when you can have ✌️? Pictured here: Powder Kiss Liquid Lipcolour in Resort Season and Mull It Over Acrylic Paint in Pure White Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 Brushstroke 24-Hour Liner in Brushblack Eye Brows Styler #MACPowderKiss

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An instant icon. A M·A·CSmash. All-new Powder Kiss Liquid Lipcolour already has 4.9 out of 5 stars on our site ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐. You won't believe it – until you feel it. Pictured here: M·A·CSmash. #MACPowderKiss

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The #MACPowderKiss moment we've all been waiting for! Experience a weightless kiss of colour from your lips to lids with new Powder Kiss Liquid Lipcolour and Powder Kiss Soft Matte Eye Shadow. Available now in select markets.

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Set, refresh, hydrate – and feel the ViBeS! Makeup your mood with seven energizing scents that were made to be mixed and matched. What's your favourite Fix+ Vibes combo? #MACFixPlus #Regram @massimo.moeller

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Can you wing it? Yes, you can! Transform new Powder Kiss Soft Matte Eye Shadow into a liner with a 263S Brush. Pictured here: Powder Kiss Soft Matte Eye Shadow in What Clout! and Give A Glam Dazzleshadow Extreme in Emerald Cut Eye Kohl in Teddy In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash #Regram @anillerraf

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Tomorrow: Matte is getting reinvented, once more. #MACPowderKiss.

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Mermaid-fade 🧜‍♀️. Get the look with Patent Paint Lip Lacquer in Shellac Shocked and Grand Illusion Glossy Liquid Lipcolour in Peace, Love, Unity, Respect. #MACLovesLips #Regram @nitramarel

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At long lash! Meet the wands that make the mascara magic happen✨. False Lashes Maximizer: A unique double-lush brush that wraps each hair in nourishing ingredients to condition and lengthen lashes. Extended Play Gigablack Lash: A sleek, slim-type brush that reaches and grips even the tiniest hairs. Up For Everything Lash: A lightweight wand developed specifically to grab straight and downward-facing lashes. Haute & Naughty Lash: A two-wands-in-one mascara featuring one that defines and another that volumizes. In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash: A gigantic moulded brush featuring 538 bristles to store the optimal amount of mascara for over-the-top volume. Extended Play Perm Me Up Lash: A curved, lash-curler shaped applicator that curls and defines as it applies. #MACEyes #MACMascara

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