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Luka enjoying his life as an only pet 😸 Many of you have asked how Luka is doing, and the answer is great! He loves the undivided attention from the Humans 💘

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Hi guys, As you have probably noticed that we haven’t been very active on Instagram for quite sometime. We have been facing hard times and therefore would like to share some sad news with you. After months and months of consideration, we have decided to re-home Kenya. Letting him go is one of the hardest things I have had to do in my life, but in my heart I know it’s the right thing to do, because he deserves the absolute best. As some of you who follow our stories already knew, Kenya has been having behavioral problems for a while now on top of the issues that came with his deafness. We tried everything possible to make things work, but unfortunately without any success. Since a year ago he has become louder and louder by the day and he would yell all day long making it impossible to work from home plus he would wake us up extremely early in the morning every day. It became clear (with the help of a cat whisperer) that Kenya does this out of boredom and constantly seeks for attention. He needs more action in his life and a more active friend. Luka on the other hand became less active over the years and had no interest in playing with Kenya anymore. He also seemed to be stressed out because of Kenya’s constant meowing and that Kenya would never let him be. So we came to the conclusion that sadly we are not the best family to address his needs… 💔 Thankfully, we found an amazing new home for him. As a matter of fact, the people who brought him to this world were very happy to welcome him back! There, he has two bengal friends, lots of space and a huge garden to roam around, climbs trees etc. If you want to know how Kenya is doing, you can follow them at @galensisbengals. We would like to thank all of you for following Kenya’s adventures. We have received so much love and many nice comments in these past years and we hope that we have brought some joy to you as well.

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When you do all the work but your team member gets the reward 🙈

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Soo this is what happened 😆 we just had to jump onto the bandwagon 🧻🧻🧻 and also created a Tiktok account 😊 Follow us if you feel like it! Hope all of you are staying safe and are not too bored at home. #toiletpaperchallenge #levelupchallenge #sundayfunday

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Cuddle puddle and double trouble

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Bath time 🛀 Don't forget to stay clean 🚿

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Bedroom eyes 👀

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Big thanks to everyone who recommended movies in yesterday's post! 💖 Here is a sneak peak of a movie we are currently filming, it's called: The Exorcism of Kenya'

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What's your favorite movie on Netflix? The hoomans need some recommendations 😸

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How our #caturday looks like in quarantine. Hope you are also staying at home and be safe 💕

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Lord Luka has graced us with his presence 🎉 As you can see we mostly post pictures of Kenya... It's because Luka doesn't let me take photos of him anymore without giving him treats, and him being on a diet (again) makes it quite challenging 😆

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Happy Friyay! 🐈💕

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