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So grumpy. • We made a compilation of Loulou & the puppies. 0 to 4 weeks old. On our YT channel. Link in bio.

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Coco 12 weeks old today.

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When opening a bag of chips, there are 2 pairs of eyes 👀👀.

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Tiny blep!

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Coco's face changes every day. She is so sweet.

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On a beautiful day, Loulou & the ducks are together all day. But remember .. the garden is the domain of the ducks.

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We are doing our part to flatten the curve.

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Weeds, so dangerous. Go get them!

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We know that Loulou & Coco's followers are worldwide. Welcome to all new followers and thank you for following our stories every day. In which country do you live?

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The first day Loulou & Coco together. It is going so well, Loulou is her old self again and Coco can discover everything on her own. #happy

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Hunk, we were happy you were with us a little longer but today to your new family @evamarievanriet in Amsterdam. We will see you again. • Today Hunk (his new name is Pablo) & Coco have seen the ducks and chickens. Do you want to see their reaction? You can see the full video on our YT channel. Link in bio.

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