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A classic 😏.

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Little winker 😉.

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Me, if you wake me up for food. • This piece is too big for her, that's why I hold it. This is to see how she reacts and it is nice to see that she is trying to chew with her back teeth.

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If you thought you had some time for yourself ... Momlife.

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Do you already know which puppy will stay with you? A female will stay with us. These are 2 females and it will be the hardest decision ever. We take all the time we need. • You can see the full video on our YouTube channel. Link in bio. • Music: @iksonofficial ‘Moments’.

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Boop that cute little nose.

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Tag your annoying sibling 🤪👇🏼.

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Yawning puppies. • A new video on our YouTube channel. Link in bio.

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Raw duck was a good idea. So far this is their favorite. ** there are 3 smaller puppies that eat more slowly. We always ensure that they all get enough. We weigh them every day and they grow well.

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Tired of biting your brother's ear, hitting your paw in the eye of your little sister and using your mother as a trampoline.

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A mother's life.

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When you hear someone open a bag of chips. 👀 👀 👀

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