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In 1932, Amelia Earhart was the first woman to connect the continents. She relied on her Longines Chronograph as a navigation tool. #ThePioneerSpiritLivesOn #LonginesSpirit

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Longines Spirit: inspired by all the pioneers that have placed their trust in our watchmaking expertise. Ref: L3.810.4.73.6 #ThePioneerSpiritLivesOn #LonginesSpirit

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Take all elements drawn from the days of pioneering aviation. Update them. You got the new Spirit collection. Ref: L3.820.4.93.0 #ThePioneerSpiritLivesOn #LonginesSpirit

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Longines Spirit goes from dark to light, from black to bright. Discover a new collection where elegance and state-of-the art technology collide. Ref: L3.810.4.53.0 #ThePioneerSpiritLivesOn #LonginesSpirit

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Find out more on Wednesday as we raise the curtain on our new Longines Spirit collection. Inspired by times when aviators and explorers have placed their trust in Longines. #ThePioneerSpiritLivesOn #LonginesSpirit

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Inspired by legendary pioneers, explorers of the unknown. Those who never gave up despite adversity and failure. Always fighting, with courage and elegance. #ThePioneerSpiritLivesOn #LonginesSpirit

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The new Longines Spirit collection, inspired by the traditional features of pilot's watches, with a contemporary twist. #ThePioneerSpiritLivesOn #LonginesSpirit

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A women’s version with diamonds indexes will complete The Longines 1832 collection this summer. #TheLongines1832 #EleganceisanAttitude

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The Longines 1832 will be available in black this summer. #TheLongines1832 #EleganceisanAttitude

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The Longines 1832 collection pays tribute to the watchmaking expertise and classic elegance of Longines. Available this summer. #TheLongines1832 #EleganceisanAttitude

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Présence - Elegance enhanced by simplicity. Ref. L4.320.4.11.6 #LonginesPresence #EleganceisanAttitude

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The Présence collection remains true to Longines’ timeless elegance. Ref. L4.805.1.11.2 #LonginesPresence #EleganceisanAttitude

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