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B like BLUE Throughout the history of Longines, the colour blue has prevailed as a hallmark of the brand. #LonginesMagazine #EleganceisanAttitude

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B like BLUE Style Celebration with The Record Collection in the new edition of ”1832 - a lifestyle magazine by Longines”. #LonginesMagazine #EleganceisanAttitude #LonginesRecord

3 days ago 41
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B like BLUE Discover an exclusive photo shoot in the new edition of ”1832 - a lifestyle magazine by Longines. #LonginesMagazine #EleganceisanAttitude

4 days ago 14
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Featuring a timeless, understated design, The Longines Heritage Military 1938 features a hand-wound mechanical calibre. #EleganceisanAttitude #HeritageMilitary1938

7 days ago 31
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In a tribute to the year of production of the model that inspired it, The Longines Heritage Military is numbered and limited to 1938 pieces. #EleganceisanAttitude #HeritageMilitary1938

8 days ago 62
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The Longines Heritage Military is the reinterpretation of a military watch produced in 1938 and conserved as part of the #Longines historical Collection. #EleganceisanAttitude #HeritageMilitary1938

10 days ago 62
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Longines sees the dolce vita in new vivid colors. #LonginesDolceVita #EleganceisanAttitude.

13 days ago 11
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The first season of interchangeable coloured straps offers a rainbow of eight new shades. #LonginesDolceVita #EleganceisanAttitude

15 days ago 53
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The new system of interchangeable coloured straps allows you to personalize your #LonginesDolceVita. #EleganceisanAttitude

17 days ago 14
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The new blue starry night dial -accompanied by a choice of a leather strap in the same tones or a stainless steal bracelet- offers the #LonginesDolceVita an evening variation. #EleganceisanAttitude

19 days ago 53
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The new starry blue version recalls the magic of the pleasant evenings that one can enjoy in Italy. #LonginesDolceVita #EleganceisanAttitude

20 days ago 28
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Taupe color strap for an intemporal style. #LonginesDolceVita #EleganceisanAttitude

20 days ago 10