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My little man, my mama’s boy, my co-sleeper, my pride and joy. Watching you grow and learn is my favorite thing to do 🌿 Never be too grown up to give your mama a famous Theo hug, okay?

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Today is a bad day. Like, so bad it’s comedic. One of those that you look back on years later and say, “Remember that day when—“ *snort laughs* “— that thing happened and then you—“ *wipes a tear* “you did that thing and then the kids did this?” Laugh it off. Just laugh it off. It will all be okay. The Lord has you wrapped in his big, mighty arms, even on the worst days. Oh, and I just so happened to be vlogging today. So look forward to that next week 🤪 P.S. — this week there will only be one video! It’s a day in the life vlog going live tomorrow at 1pm. Don’t miss it 😘

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Sibling love 🙈🤪 I was hoping to go into this week feeling accomplished and excited about the changes happening but things didn’t go quite as planned. Instead I’m feeling overwhelmed and defeated. There are big things on the horizon but they seem so far away, and the waiting is exhausting. In the long run I know this is such a small, insignificant bump in the road that I will hardly even remember. So instead of letting our current situation ruin my day, I’m reminding myself that these things take time. Rushing it will only leave me stressed and, most likely, with more on my plate. It’ll happen when it happens. For today I will rest in the goodness of our Lord and I will praise Him for what I have right now 🧡

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Can you guess which colour we are painting the walls today!? Leave your guesses in the comments👇🏻 Also, no filter so you can actually see the true colours ✌🏻

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Mud-caked and happy. Every day. This is summer. This is our happy place 🌞 . . . For those asking how I keep their clothes clean — ☀️ I make sure they’re wearing something durable and easy to clean such as bathing suits or linen ☀️ If there are bad stains I’ll use a small toothbrush dipped in detergent and scrub the stains. Then I’ll let it sit until I’m ready to wash a load ☀️ Thrifted clothes are great home clothes. They are cheap so I don’t have to worry too much about them getting dirty ☀️ Dirt is dirt. It looks bad but it doesn’t leave stains. Sand is also a great, cleaner alternative ☀️ Try to let go and just let them get messy! A messy childhood is great childhood 🙌🏻

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Currently we are living in a house of chaos. I’ve allowed it to become embarrassingly messy, I’m a week behind on laundry, and our bedroom is disheveled and dirty. This is what warm summer weather + kids + bedroom makeovers create. I’m learning to let go, to lean into summer, and to soak in these moments. All too soon the chilly fall air will have me back indoors, catching up on all the projects I’ve put off. But for now, I will not let these moments pass me by ☀️

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We have spent hours outside in our backyard with a bucket of water, a shovel, and dirt. Where ever we are outdoors the kids make a beeline for dirt/rocks/sand and immerse themselves in it. It’s messy but hey, it keeps them entertained and gives mama a chance to sit back and bask in the sunshine. Winter is going to be a harsh transition this year 🌞

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DIY Delilah is back in town 💪🏻 We were supposed to be in the mountains right now but we’re not. So Zach has a couple of days off and we are going to finally tackle this bedroom “makeover” head on! I thought I had a plan and then I changed my mind and I’m going to make this more complicated than it has to be 🤪 But fingers crossed my vision will pull together in the end and we will finally, after 4 years of living here, have a complete bedroom ✌🏻

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Hot tip — If you feel unnatural taking self portraits just wear a skirt and twirl instead of awkwardly staring straight into the camera lens ✌🏻

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Be still my heart. Breathe in. Etch these simple joys into your soul 🌿 . My top: @everlane My jewellery: @madebymary Theo’s romper: @thesimplefolkco Theo’s shoes: @starryknightdesign El’s dress: @hand.made.heart

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Things I don’t want to forget — 1. The way you fold your hands and babble to pray when we sit down to eat 2. The feel of your peach-fuzzy soft head 3. Your smell 4. Your toothy sideways smirk when you come over to tease me 5. How you scoot over and sit on my lap whenever I’m on the floor #theodoreblythe

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When Theo first started showing signs of walking I was so sad. It meant my baby was growing up. But now watching him waddle around with his cute little cloth diaper bum it is so so fun! He tries so hard to keep up with Eloise and he is much, much happier now that he can more efficiently get to where he wants to go. Just seeing that proud look on his face fills my mama heart right up!

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