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Story time 🤪 Lunch. Lunch is always an interesting time - trying to feed a baby and a toddler while gobbling down a bite or two in between the chaos for myself. Today Theo decided he didn’t want me to feed him and he didn’t want to eat his little chunks of avocado. He wanted to feed HIMSELF the oatmeal I had prepared for him, which, as you can imagine, is a messy situation with a 6-month-old (swipe 👉🏻). Every time I took the spoon away to scoop some more, he had a mini meltdown. Meanwhile Eloise is begging for some of my food because she decided she didn’t want the eggs she had asked for previously (#toddlers). In the process of cleaning up a sweet lady arrived at our door, looking to sell a few chocolates. I had my hands full and normally wouldn’t answer the door in the situation I was in, but I knew she saw me and she wasn’t about to leave ... lol. So I had to leave Theo unattended, Eloise running around shirtless, and welcomed this lady into our VERY messy home. (Like, VERY VERY messy.) I wrote a cheque, bought a few chocolates (which were a wonderful treat after all was said and done), and ran a bath for Theo because every inch of him (and surrounding area) was covered in food. As I went to take his diaper off, I realized he had pooped. Unable to set him down (because of how dirty he was) I was forced to leave the poopy diaper on the table (ew gross) and plop him in the tub - poop, food, and all. As I was rinsing him off Eloise was running wild, bringing all her toys and chucking them into the bath. Somehow I got Theo cleaned and dressed, got both kids down for a nap, tidied the kitchen, and now here we are, finally eating lunch at 2pm and realizing that work will not be accomplished today. But such is #momlife

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We are going to get our Christmas baking on today! I like to start this early and store the goodies in the freezer so that we can enjoy them throughout the season 🍪 What are some of your traditional Christmas baking recipes?

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Okay but that FACE! So many new developments are happening in Theodore’s world right now. And he’s adapting really well 👏🏻 I’ll be documenting the changes and sharing videos on them in the coming months!

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Gone are the days that my baby gets swaddled 😭 Ever since he learned to roll over he’s become a very active sleeper - even sleeping on his stomach. The interesting thing is, he’s been sleeping s o g o o d since then! Yay for more restful nights 👏🏻

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Being a mama is hard. It’s so much more than feeding your child and caring for their needs. YOU, mama, are your children’s biggest role model, whether they realize it or not. I shared a really GOOD, really DEEP mom chat over on my channel this morning. Head over to YouTube for a little encouragement and food for thought 💭

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4 years of marriage. 7 years together. Has it really been that long? We’ve shared the biggest moments of our lives together. Graduation, baptism, purchasing our first home, watching two lines appear on a pregnancy test - 3 times. Suffering the loss of a child, but also celebrating the birth of two beautiful babes. And now here we are, in the best years of our lives, raising our children and teaching them to love the Lord. You are my best friend, my life partner, my biggest achievement 😉 Love you Honey! Thank you for not thinking I was a total loser running after you 7 years ago 😘 . #happyanniversarymylove #4yearsofmarriage

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And the tree is up! It has been for a while now 😂 I just couldn’t get into the Christmas spirit without it. We finally found the p e r f e c t tree for our space. Now all we need is a few gold ornaments and some cedar branches for finishing touches around the house. Feeling major hygge vibes over here 👌🏻 A super christmassy vlog is coming your way next Tuesday!

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Who’s started Christmas shopping? We’re nearly done 🤪 At least for our kiddos. We’ve been doing a lot of thrifting for toys this year, giving them a new life and more love 👌🏻

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This little man is growing up so fast. I spend so much time with Eloise (because girl is an attention hog 😅) and I’m feeling all the mom guilt over not spending enough time with Theodore. It feels like he grew up in the blink of an eye and I hardly remember when he was a fresh newborn. Life has been so crazy busy and I’m not taking the time to stop, to soak in these moments, to breathe in my kids, to just live. So to all you mamas who feel the same way, take some time today. Put away your phone for 10 minutes. Ignore the dishes in the sink and the list of to-dos. Hold your kids, kiss them, squeeze them. Soak them in 🖤

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This morning I prayed that God would speak to me though His word in my devotions. I opened up my bible and began reading. Lo and behold, the passage I read was unbelievably fitting for my circumstances today. It’s cool how He does that 👌🏻

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Theo and Nora. My two favorite babies side by side 😍 What are your plans for this weekend? We’re spending ours laid back, decorating for Christmas, and enjoying time with family 👏🏻

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It’s been 6 months with our sweet Theodore. An update on this little man is up on my channel, check my stories for the link!

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My sweet Theodore. That smile is such a ray of sunshine in my life 🌞

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Selfies make me uncomfortable. But I was scrolling through my photos and realized that I have very few photos of myself, alone, without my kids or my husband. So I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new things. In the new year I want to start experimenting more with self portraits and photography. Because I’m never going to grow and get better if I don’t take a little wander into unknown territory. And that applies to all aspects of life 👏🏻

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Remembering those first few days as a family of four. I was filled with so much joy and confidence in what I was doing and how I was caring for my family. The snow was melting away and the hope of summer and warmer days filled me with excitement. It was a time of pure and utter bliss. Reality has long set in and the winter blues are muddling my mindset at times. But I’m so thankful. I’m thankful that this transition was so much easier than the first. I’m thankful that I’ve even able to actually e n j o y every new stage with Theo without postpartum blues getting in the way. As each new stage arrives I’m reminded of where I was at mentally with Eloise when she was his age. In the moment I thought I was okay. I now realize I wasn’t. I’m thankful God brought be through that. I’m thankful that I can stand here today and say that God strengthens the weary because I’ve seen it firsthand.

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Sometimes I envy the people who have enough time in their days to sit down and watch a show, read a book, write in a journal, or knit. When I get a spare moment I’m always working on the next project, squeezing in as much work as I can before the kids wake up. I haven’t even touched Theo’s scrapbook yet and he’s already 6 months old. It’s tiring. But then I think about how generously the Lord has blessed us. He’s doing amazing things and allowing me to touch lives and hearts around the world. He’s given us far more than we need or imagined we’d ever have. I mean, I’m literally living my d r e a m . One day life will slow down and I’ll miss the days I spent in bed with a coffee, editing the next video, a sleeping babe next to me. Life is good. Sometimes I need to change my mindset from “I wish” to “I have”. It’s cheesy, but counting my blessings is a huge reality check. It keeps me thankful and content with what I have and where I am 🙏🏻

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Celebrating 23 today with my favourite people 🖤 Zach had a whole day planned for me. After 7 years together he’s learned that I take birthdays very seriously 😅 Oh, and Mr. Theo ROLLED OVER for the first time - the last photo 👉🏻 was taken seconds before he did it! Thanking the Lord today for the many blessings He’s given us 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

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SLEEP TRAINING It’s a subject I get asked about a t o n . We’ve chosen to sleep train because it has helped us get better sleep and improve mental state of both mama and baby. We’ve had two very different children and we’ve sleep trained two very different ways. Check out my latest video to see how we sleep trained Theodore GENTLY, allowing us to continue CO-SLEEPING 🖤

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