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Hey 👋🏻 I’m Delilah. Self portraits make me uncomfortable even though I’m in front of a camera every day. I didn’t have access to my dslr so I snapped this with a little point and shoot set up on a tripod. It looked hilarious. I love hats. I hate that summer is almost over. I change my home decor like every week. I’m experimenting more and more with minimalism. I love what I do. ✌🏻

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Lake days ☀️ This is summer at its finest - spending time in the great outdoors with the family we love so dearly. El got to play with BOTH Papums and Gammys yesterday. She had so much fun that she’s still sleeping... and it’s already 9am 😅

22 hours ago 20
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I’ve realized in a lot of ways I lean toward Montessori style learning - and I didn’t even know it 😅 To be honest, I don’t know all that ‘Montessori’ entails but I love the concept of open-ended and independent play. What are some of your favourite imagination-sparking toys?

2 days ago 31
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She’s forever and always the big sister who smothers her little brother. He loves it though, thank goodness 😅 . I’m working on giving the ol’ website a complete revamp. Stay tuned for new perks in my stories 👆🏻

3 days ago 30
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I met a TON of super cool people and have been working on some super cool things this week. My mind is running on overdrive trying to process it all. I’m just so thankful for this crazy beautiful life 🌻

4 days ago 21
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And just like that, we’ve hit the 4 month sleep regression. I’m just praying Theo’s won’t be as bad as Eloise’s 😴 #sotired

6 days ago 48
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I go into most weeks thinking, “this week is going to be slower; we don’t have much planned”. And then - BOOM - suddenly we have something happening everyday and we’re busier than ever 😅 Is anyone else like that? Or just me?

7 days ago 33
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Eloise has shocked me with how easily she can put this puzzle together. In fact, she surprises me every day with how smart her little brain is. @thebabyniche sent over a few a d o r a b l e goodies for the kiddos and I’m in love! I want to buy everything from their shop 😅 . #gifted

10 days ago 9
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“What do you use to take your photos?” Some of them are taken with a DSLR, but lots of them are snapped just with my iPhone. Take this photo for example. It was captured with my phone, edited with a few taps, and voila! Done. And this is probably one of my favorites ❤️ Oh, and I use my own presets in the free Lightroom app to edit. Click the link in my bio to buy them for yourselves!

11 days ago 26
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There’s lot of exciting things in the works in the Loeppky household! We’re working on a better schedule to increase productivity and time spent together, secret projects are underway, and fun content is being created. What are some topics/videos you want to see from me?

12 days ago 84
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We have lake visits planned for every weekend this month and I am PUMPED! Summer is coming to an end far too quickly so I’m going to soak in every second in the sun I can get ☀️

13 days ago 33
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Is there anything sweeter than smelling that intoxicating baby smell? 😍 A super cute vlog went up today. You all should go watch it. It’s sure to put a smile on your face ☺️ . 📸 - my sister-in-law

13 days ago 26
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My Rosie Girl 😍 So often I look over at her, taking in those gorgeous blonde curls, beautiful big eyes, and heart melting smile and I wonder, “How did we manage to create such a perfect, beautiful little human?”

15 days ago 38
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Currently holding my babe, breathing him in, soaking in the quiet while El naps, and watching my hubby clean the house. Life is good. And I have the best husband in the world 🧡

17 days ago 15
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Today feels so much like a Saturday. I’m already in weekend mode 😅 Anyone else?

18 days ago 32
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Sometimes, for a few sweet moments, Theo will cuddle on my chest after a feed. I made Zach quickly snap this with my phone. There are many small moments like this one living in my photos. Many that I choose not to share and keep for myself. Truth is, these simple iphone snaps are the ones that I love the most 🧡

19 days ago 58
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Gahhh those cheeks. I could kiss them all day 😘 Currently taking a break from editing to post on Instagram. It’s a constant back and forth between my phone and computer all day, trying to get done everything before the deadline 😅 #lifeofaworkingmom . 📸 - my sister-in-law

20 days ago 20