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Me pretending to be cute and enjoying the snow but reality is, it’s another -40 day, we’re cooped up with a nasty cold that just won’t go away, and I’m DONE. Praising the Lord for a much warmer and sunnier forecast tomorrow 🙏🏻

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I wish my babes would just relax and let me cuddle them when they’re sick. El somehow has just as much energy as before and Theo gets mad when I try to keep him stationary 🤷🏻‍♀️ Meanwhile I’m over here sprawled on the couch like #sendhelp This is n o t how I imagined sick days with kids would be like 😂

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We planned on spending this long weekend hitting up some thrift stores and coffee shops as a family but now I’m not so sure. Somehow this cold has worsened and now everyone is coughing, sniffling, and complaining. My poor babies ... a doctor visit may be on the agenda today instead 🤧😔

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I’m praying this is the last round of colds to go through our home before spring hits 🤧 This time both kiddos got it too. It hasn’t slowed Eloise down one bit, but poor Theo has had a rough time at night. Good news though - HIS FIRST 🦷 POPPED THROUGH LAST NIGHT 🎉 Mama is feeling rough today too, so instead of cleaning like a madwoman, I’m lounging on the couch amongst a pile of toys and giving myself grace. I think I’ll indulge in a warm cup of coffee, some YouTube videos, and take a warm bath with my little man when he wakes up 👌🏻

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El and I baked Valentines brownies this week and I learned two things: 1 // Brownie scraps are more delicious than brownies themselves 2 // El is shockingly good at baking, icing, and decorating. I am thoroughly impressed and, as a former baker, very proud Happy Valentine’s Day 💋

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This poor thing caught his first cold and my mama heart hurts 💔 He also passed it on to me so 🤪 Extra midnight cuddles are in order for the next few days. I’d cuddle him all day but ... he won’t let me 😂

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What you don’t see is me trying to instruct Zach on how I want the photo taken while the kids scream behind us 😂 Coffee dates are few and far between these days 🤷🏻‍♀️

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It’s been one of those I-poured-myself-coffee-hours-ago-and-haven’t-even-had-a-sip kind of mornings. This teething seems to go on forever and poor Theo is really not feeling well 💔 If you’re on the struggle bus this morning, just know that you are not alone. Heavenly Father, Renew my strength. Give me eyes to see what my children see. Give me a heart of compassion and grace. “May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in Your sight, o Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.” [ Psalm 19:14 ]. Allow me to see past the frustration and anger and, instead, choose joy today. Amen 🙏🏻

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I’ve debated for a while whether or not I would share the mental struggles I’ve been facing in the past month or so. I’m okay, and I’m doing better than I was, but juggling between accomplishing all the tasks while actually enjoying life mixed with winter blues is a tough act. The higher the subscriber count, the harder it is to be open and honest. But I don’t want to change the realness of my channel now, or ever, because it shows that I am just a normal, flawed, real mama like you. I’m no one special. I just do regular mom stuff and film myself while doing it 😂 I opened up about these thoughts in today’s vlog. Head over to my stories to watch 🤎 Mine and El’s matching tees are from my merch line! You can find the link in my bio 😘

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It’s an amazing feeling to open up my closet and feel a sense of calm and happiness. It sounds silly, but a capsule wardrobe has been the best for my wallet, understanding my style, and finding confidence in my postpartum body. If you’re curious about what’s inside my capsule wardrobe head over to my channel and watch the latest video! Oh, and a new vlog will be live tomorrow at 7am CST so while you’re over there you may as well click the bell button so you don’t miss out 😘

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Instagram hubby is KILLING it 👊🏻 There’s something about the sun shining that just makes me giddy. Today feels like spring and my heart is so happy. But the hard truth is that we still have a few more months before the snow actually melts and gives way to summer. I need a vacation 😂

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Who knew that my decision to create a capsule wardrobe would be so drastically life-changing? Through this journey I’ve uncovered my style, found confidence in my body and my decisions, and educated myself on ethical and sustainable fashion. I’ve changed my shopping habits accordingly and have learned how to save money while enjoying the luxurious feeling of fabrics that ethical brands offer [#ad]. @organicbasics carries the best basics, ethically and sustainably made, and I find myself reaching for them on the daily. You can use my code “delilahobx” to get 15% off your order 🎉 Head over to my latest video to take a peek into my closet and view everything in my capsule wardrobe!

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Both kiddos are teething. El is going through a serious two-nager phase. And I’m in a winter funk. It’s been an emotional few weeks 😅 . Praising the Lord all the while for a warm house, coffee, a hubby who serves and gives of himself wholeheartedly, and my mother-in-law who can take the kids for a day so I can have a break and hash out some videos 👌🏻

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Anyone else ready to sweep winter under the rug and welcome in spring? 🥴 The winter blues have hit me hard. All I want is a warm summer day, green grass, sunshine, and a mojito in hand. I suppose it doesn’t help that both kiddos are teething and I can’t break loose of this funk I’m in. Lord God, please bring spring early this year. And until then, renew my strength and clear this fog so I can see and think clearly 🙏🏻

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These two. They are so very different and yet so very loveable in their own unique ways. Their sibling bond is growing as Theo gets older and it’s everything this mama has longed for. Seeing them together, giggling and being goofy, it makes my heart sing. But as their bond grows, so does the conflict. When Theo hits the toddler years... things are going to get interesting 😂

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I could sit and watch him play all day 😍 He plays so differently than El did. He’s content exploring on his own and makes the cutest “vroom” sound when playing with cars. UGH! Little man holds a special place in this mama’s heart 🤎 iPhone photo edited with “cream” from my Linen Preset Pack, link in bio 😘

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Need a little lightheartedness to get you through your Tuesday? Head over to my channel to catch up on the latest video. El decided to take over most of the vlog 🙈 El’s tee is from my #merch collection. Check the link in my bio to browse 🐝

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What do your Mondays usually look like? Mine include lots of coffee, usually some errands, and vlogggggging! Yes, El is drinking coffee in this photo 😂 Don’t worry, we only let her once in a blue moon ☕️

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