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HI EVERYONE (especially fellow cyclists)! I am so excited to announce my latest collaboration with @velocioapparel • I designed a brand new jersey and a cap for them based on some of my line drawings (you can see me modeling them here) and they’re now available for purchase! Swipe through to view a few images and there is a link in my profile if you’d like to purchase. There’s also an interview & video on their site if you’re interested! Velocio is a dream to work with. Thank you to all of them for bringing my worlds together. 🖤🚴🏼

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Friends! Thanks to you, we raised $6,700 for @paalfadvocacy during the month of June from the sale of this print! All of the proceeds from the sales are being donated, and I’ll be making that donation today. This video shows a high speed video of my process of creating the artwork using the Procreate App, including my slightly crooked grid (which I straightened later on) and deciding that my usual quirky S wasn’t going to work! Anyhow, that you for helping to raise these funds for this important organization!! If you haven’t gotten your print yet, it should be arriving soon! Black Lives Matter.🧡

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Been away at the Oregon Coast for a few glorious, foggy days. So many incredible wildflowers everywhere you turn. Was inspired to draw this last night. I’ve been in a bit of a drawing rut lately, so it felt good to spend hours on this. Hope everyone is having a decent Wednesday. 💙

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Grateful for my Instagram community. Also grateful that is is a space where I can read, absorb, learn (and unlearn), grow and change. Hope everyone is having a solid Tuesday. 💓

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Just a few more days to see my show Form, Folk, Flora, Fauna at @stephaniechefasprojects! There are a few appointments left and if any of those don’t work just let Stephanie know and she’ll make something work for you. Link to grab an appointment in my profile. The show is entirely sold out except for one quilt! THANK YOU to everyone who has come through or purchased (or both). I am so grateful! It was also a dream to share a space with my friend @vince.skelly, one of the kindest, most talented people I know. Lastly, a big thank you to Stephanie Chefas, who is an absolute dream to work with. The show closes at the end of the day on July 4. Next up at the gallery are two of my favorite artists: @lauraberger and @okellyording whose joint show opens July 11 ❤️❤️ Photo by @mariogalluccistudio

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🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈I came out as a lesbian when I was 23 years old in 1991, which means I’ve been living as an out queer person for almost 30 years. I am pretty sure I knew I was gay since I was about 13. I remember reading an article in Seventeen Magazine that said girl crushes were normal, and being filled with utter relief, because being gay in 1981 was the most awful, shameful thing I could possibly imagine. I dated some boys in high school and college, and liked them well enough, but I am not very good at faking things, so shortly after I graduated from college (I’d conveniently moved to gay mecca San Francisco), I came out. My coming out shocked and confused a lot of people. While I’ve always been athletic (some would even call me a “jock”), I’ve also always been a feminine presenting, cis gender woman, and I didn’t fit the 1991 lesbian stereotype. I was told by more than one person it was just “a phase” (joke’s on them now) and many friends simply never spoke to me again. My mom, conversely, on the day I came out to my parents, said, “I’m not at all surprised,” which was the most affirming thing I could have heard that day, and she’s been my most ardent supporter ever since. So much has changed in the past 30 years. It’s astounding for me to think about. I never thought I would be able to legally marry or that I would see an openly gay man run for President. I lived most of my adulthood until more recently deeply afraid of being hated. Let me tell you (and many of you already know this): being afraid of being hated is exhausting. And yet, despite that fear and exhaustion, I have never, ever wanted to be anything else but who I am. Being gay has been the greatest gift of my life. It has made me more empathetic. My community of queer friends is like a giant, beautiful love bomb. My relationship with my wife Clay, who I’ve been with for 12 years now, is the most stabilizing force in my life. May we all learn to love who we are, to practice radical acceptance of ourselves and others, to celebrate what makes us different, AND TO CONTINUE TO FIGHT OPPRESSION IN ALL ITS FORMS. HAPPY PRIDE Y’ALL. 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

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People ask me a lot about how I stay motivated and inspired to create things as often as I do. I think some people imagine that people who make a lot of art (or are intensely creative in any way) are in a constant state of free flow. But that’s simply not true. Staying motivated to keep showing up for creative work requires its own form of discipline. It requires staying open & curious. It requires searching for & diving deeply into what feeds you (and allowing yourself to head down dark rabbit holes). Sometimes what feeds you isn’t cerebral at all, but is found in moving your body by walking, dance or athletics. What’s important is to make space for the searching, and then to use what you find (at least the parts that excite you most) as the subject/medium/inspiration/energy for your own creativity. Want to stay inspired & motivated? Get enough rest. Prioritize your mental health. Be curious. Read books. Watch films. Listen to podcasts. Look at other people’s art. Move your body. Listen to new music. Get out into nature. Go to therapy. Write. Participate in the revolution. Be relentless in your searching. Uncover your own story. Find what feeds you. ⚡️⚡️⚡️

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A video of my show for all of you who can’t make it to the gallery. You’ll see work by @vince.skelly at the end, who is in the gallery annex this month. Video by @mariogalluccistudio & music by Andrew James. Stephanie Chefas Projects is delighted to present Form, Folk, Flora, Fauna, the latest solo exhibition by Portland-based artist Lisa Congdon. A celebration of Congdon’s creative core, Form, Folk, Flora, Fauna channels beloved motifs, images, and inspirations by way of bold and unfussy representations. Every spare detail is simultaneously underscored by personal experience, even if the resulting effect seems universal in scope. Striking a balance between the personal and universal through the use of vibrant color and essential imagery remains her greatest strength. For Congdon, 2020 has found her in a state of perennial introspection and adaptation. On the very day that she completed treatment for early-stage breast cancer, she and her wife were told to "shelter in place" as part of Oregon's broader mandate. Along with the extreme pivot toward indoor life, there came subsequent stages of grief and fear. Being immunocompromised, she moved all her supplies into the home and away from a shared building. From within the confines of her own home, she went to work with an existing set of supplies, namely paper, wood panels, paint colors, and fabrics. What emerged was an entirely new exhibit than the one she'd initially envisioned. Congdon's journey of patience, perseverance, and innovation has inspired some of her most quintessential work. Her love of incorporating clean and modern graphics within a folk framework is on full display. In addition to paintings, she created collages, ceramics, and quilting for the show, blending seemingly opposing forces to glorious effect. The Japanese concept of wabi-sabi–which seeks beauty through imperfection or impermanence–served as a major inspiration. All the while, a singular aesthetic persists.

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2020: the year of feeling uncomfortable. This year has been a great teacher. For me it has included cancer, a global pandemic, and, most recently, diving more deeply than I ever have before into unpacking and dismantling my own whiteness/beliefs. I’ve been working a lot at sitting with my uncomfortable feelings (and there have been a lot of them) without trying to immediately fix them, dismiss them or distract myself from them. We all know even in the best of times, there is still no way of avoiding uncomfortable feelings. Someone says something that makes us feel insecure. We have an inexplicably awkward interaction with a friend. Someone points out that we’ve said something hurtful. We fail to achieve something that feels important to us. We realize something about ourselves that causes us to feel shame. Etc etc. When we feel discomfort, we naturally want to make it go away, immediately. Sometimes we do that by distracting ourselves with work or alcohol or scrolling through our phones. Sometimes we do that by stuffing our feelings and acting like everything is okay. Sometimes we attempt to counteract the discomfort by punishing ourselves (it’s my fault, I deserve it). Sometimes our response is to become defensive or even lash out at others. Here’s what I’ve learned: when I ignore, deny, defend, distract or punish, ultimately, the only things I gain are more anxiety & discomfort. Conversely, when I make the choice to sit with the discomfort without judgment (which feels excruciating sometimes) and ask, “What is going on for me right now?” and “What can I learn from this?” and “How can I work through this and ultimately make a shift in a way that is gentle to myself & others?” – eventually I am able to see what’s underneath the discomfort more clearly (meditation is great practice for this). And when I see beliefs/resentments/patterns/choices/etc clearly instead of ignoring them, I have the opportunity to work on and change them. Sometimes right now I feel out of my depth with all of this. I have to remind myself it’s daily practice. But it also feels like the most important work. Hope everyone has a solid Tuesday. ❤️

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Friends! There are just three pieces left unsold in my current solo show, Form, Folk, Flora, Fauna: Pandemic Quilt Number 1, Strawberry (painting on wood) and Spade Number 2 (hanging ceramic tile) — swipe to see them all. Contact @stephaniechefasprojects ([email protected]) to inquire about the quilt and painting (link to the gallery in my profile). The ceramic tile can be purchased directly on the gallery website. The show closes July 4. For all those who’ve purchased all the other work from the show, thank you for supporting my practice!

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Sometimes I just doodle flowers. Hope everyone has an excellent Sunday.

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This original watercolor painting will up for auction over at @stillwerise starting a bit later today (possibly not till Sunday) • BEFORE you bid, please read the instructions posted at @stillwerise for bidding. The auction will go until the 29th so there is plenty of time to get in on the bidding for this and other amazing items. This auction benefits Equal Justice Initiative @ejiorg M4BL @mvmnt4blklives The Bail Project @bailproject Black Lives Matter @blklivesmatter. I’ll continue to remind you about bidding in my stories as well in case anyone is worried they might forget. Thank you for supporting these great causes, and I hope everyone has a great Saturday!

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