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The lord is back tonight on @FlipItLikeDisick at 9|8c on E!

2 days ago 586
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Changing things up this Sunday at the Malibu house on @flipitlikedisick

3 days ago 348
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Good times with my boy @otaduyyachts love being on the water

1 months ago 488
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When I get older I might be the most interesting man in the world 🌎 #ageinglikefinewine🍷

1 months ago 8K
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Go see my jeweler @jadellebh 💎 I have been through so many jewelers but I have never seen the quality, service, and amazing pricing like @jadellebh hands down best place around

1 months ago 2K
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Peace ✌️

1 months ago 1K
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The lord and his little lady

1 months ago 5K
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Happy birthday to my little angel who shows me what life’s about every single day. Love u 2 much poosh

1 months ago 1K
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My floating angels

2 months ago 460
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We fly

2 months ago 2K
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I use 2 post lots of pics of my cars, but now I post a lot of pics of my kids. I guess I found my real love and passion

2 months ago 10K
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Water world 🌎 ❤️

2 months ago 2K