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The other night wearing @stassiebaby x @missguided available now 💗✨

8 hours ago 19K
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French Drip😍💗💗💗✨

2 days ago 69K
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i get so excited to wake up to this every morning 💗 blessed af

4 days ago 53K
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Rosé all day

5 days ago 59K
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don’t ever sleep on yourself 🖤

5 days ago 31K
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blueberries for breakfast

6 days ago 25K
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golden hour is my happy hour

6 days ago 41K
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keep moving forward ♥️💫

7 days ago 23K
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7 days ago 30K
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Soo I did a collaboration with @kkwfragrance and i couldn’t be more excited, wow. I’ve fallen in love with my sisters fragrances and it’s all I’ve genuinely worn since i could remember! Being able to create 3 of my own is a dream!! Can’t wait for you guys to get your hands on these August 23rd ♥️ Thank you Kim @kimkardashian

7 days ago 6K
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Wanderlust 🌏

8 days ago 32K
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8 days ago 12K