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For your baby to master his motor skills, he will need to strengthen his little muscles at every opportunity.💪 ☝During the first months this means practicing tummy time during the day.

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👶Considering using a pacifier? You'll want to watch this.

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No matter how close we are with our kids, sometimes they just need their aunt. ❤

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⭐Would you like to know which games can help your baby’s development? Download our app from the link in bio and discover 1,800+ activities to support your baby’s development.

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Being present makes you a father. Showing unconditional love, unwavering support, and never-ending patience makes you a dad.❤

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Learn what to expect from your baby at 4 months! 👶🏻✨ ☝🏻This could serve as a guide, along with your pediatrician, so you can track your baby’s progress.👩⚕️

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Why is it important for babies to sleep? 🤔

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How to support your baby’s development?👶🏻 🔎Discover some tips that can help your baby to continue developing and achieving important milestones!✨

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Every single time.😍

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Does your baby have colics? 😓 If so, you need to watch this video.

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There are many ways to become a mom. And the path to motherhood isn’t always easy.💕 To the moms who chose to adopt, thank you. 🙌🥰 It doesn’t matter how you got here or who you are. Our little ones need positive, loving relationships to grow from every adult in their lives. ⬇Share your adoption experience with us in the comments.

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🐣What can you expect now that your baby is 3 months old? 👶🏻 ☝🏻Remember that there is no specific date for your baby to meet these developmental milestones. This should serve as a guide, along with your pediatrician, so you can track your baby’s progress.

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