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It seems like it was just yesterday when we were lying on the beach together sipping on wine and laughing about the ridiculousness of life and how people take it too seriously, and how on the first day we met in 4th grade I grabbed your hand and said we were going to best friends forever. You were tough, but you were also one of the softest and most caring people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. You were like my sister and took me in like an angel when I was going through dark times, but your light and extraordinary energy will live on and always be in my heart. Never to be forgotten. I love you Nat Bat 🦇 Rest easy my angel.

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good morning

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breakfast, lunch, and dinner #bonappetit

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✞ sinning w/ @miriammarlene for @indiemagazine

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“I don’t have the time or energy.”

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If we all truly accepted ourselves as the children we once were.. authentic and full of love. We wouldn’t have depravity and we wouldn’t hurt each other.

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