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Get excited people North East Film coming soon. Mad features and guest appearances gonna be included. Aiming for a good 10-15 min long video and filmed on my actual camera

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one of my better ones

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some of the best company around @isaachong @will..adam @cagt911

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panda the steez king

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This was my 3rd time making eggs. Music by my fav artist Sleepy Dog @sleepydoghimself

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tried my luck with a black and white

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Cooked Clips Ep. 8 (sorry but its another scrappy one) feat. Floydie @tony.tragas @edan111111 @charlie00110011 @nickberaldo @eddiezervos @lowkeydakotah @nina.rt @bl.norris @emma.curry @ruballz014 @nathanstaggers @ryanngam

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"Beauty attracts heart, but character attracts soul."

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Cooked Clips Ep. 7 feat. Tommo Kennedy @tony.tragas @nickberaldo @jadedaviddd @bl.norris @aliceemorrison @jjonah @nina.rt @dylanhenderson @danielsss5

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g r a y

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Cooked Clips Ep. 4 feat. Floydie @tony.tragas @edan111111 @nina.rt @nickberaldo @bl.norris @duffman @danielsss5 @nxteo.deguzman

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“So it’s true, when all is said and done, grief is the price we pay for love.”

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Cooked Clips Ep. 1 @tony.tragas @will.mcbain @bl.norris @nickberaldo @nathanstaggers

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