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Oh yeah, shit-faced 🥊 #melbourne #australia

3 days ago 0
2319532718038527078_12605538 instagram

Slightest memory of a smile #smile #invisalign

7 days ago 0
2314295471349449641_12605538 instagram

Tempted to post the uncensored version but surely Instagram won’t allow me to do that, a shame, because it is really beautiful. #ratedx #nudity #soft #porn #isolationcreation

14 days ago 0
2313885445107541787_12605538 instagram

My version of nudity, I had no idea on how it would look, but love this kind of softness! #nude #porn #soft #cleaningproducts #isolation #isolationcreation

14 days ago 0
2313109695739897061_12605538 instagram

Thats okay, #👄 I really have nothing to say, but the picture looks cool.. #lastweekend #melbourne #covid

16 days ago 0
2311466271374657093_12605538 instagram

Welcome to the darkness 💅🏿 #me #melbourne

18 days ago 0
2310934066223121637_12605538 instagram

Just because it is a nice day, I will let coloured photo and out of focus one will ruin my feed. So what? Not gonna die xx

19 days ago 0
2307158445240098787_12605538 instagram

Love and hate relationship with bricks. Xx @tekciech

24 days ago 0
2305060135847264855_12605538 instagram

Chill .. Chilly .. Chilly .. This weather makes me really lazy xx #me

27 days ago 0
2304928667468734441_12605538 instagram

When you paid a visit and saw these two being so adorable, that when you knew it was going to be a good day xx

27 days ago 0
2304155095590737271_12605538 instagram

Hug and kisses xx, just because I am feeling good about the good weather 👄 #blackandwhite #candid Photo : @tekciech

28 days ago 0
2303651906659307124_12605538 instagram

I sometimes manage to buy women’s pants, just because they look like men’s. After all if they did not label it, we would not bother about it right, it is just a label.. #portrait #cos #melbourne @tekciech

29 days ago 0
2303088550579874803_12605538 instagram

Not playing guesses, because the birds are beautiful! Xx #birdsofinstagram

30 days ago 0
2303041979284834447_12605538 instagram

Covid2020 l - portrait session definetely not a virtual photoshoot By @tekciech #portrait #2020 #covid

30 days ago 0
2295438445789882082_12605538 instagram

Another left over from another weeks ago. I feel better now ; i guess it takes time for me to adapt to changes, very slow. But slow is okay :)

1 months ago 0
2292618464920376859_12605538 instagram

A little of a left over 🐋 I hope this will all end :) #coronavirus

1 months ago 0
2290413373882842677_12605538 instagram

A throwback of @marcelf. of @futuremodels.id cc @dhan.cun #portrait

2 months ago 0
2286808621915785114_12605538 instagram

While now SNAPSEED and the convenience of an Iphone are my friends ... #lazytobringmybulkycamera

2 months ago 0
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