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One of the most long overdue photographs needed to be done. Would an uncensored be appropriate? 😏

5 hours ago 15
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2019 October

11 days ago 4
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Melbourne, your weather has been having a mood swing today, a chill pill perhaps? #random #tourist #selfie by @filmwunder

27 days ago 8
2159278995447126629_12605538 instagram

Been a while since the last time I had my picture of my self taken by a phone camera :) Letting you know that I am still alive 🤣

1 months ago 7
2155184021088587777_12605538 instagram

Watch out Red is a hot papi! @joshrizzi Was fun putting a midriff on a guy 👌🏻✨

1 months ago 10
2153471779460820111_12605538 instagram

Pure Beauty ✨ Studio shoot when I was in Jakarta, @hanzmedina Love the simple styling so much!

1 months ago 2
2152998939523497688_12605538 instagram

Pretty much a one fine day today, found these trolley and had to play around with it so I could produce pretentious fake pose selfies 🤪 Thanks @philipharos

1 months ago 5
2150178315985819013_12605538 instagram

Wanted to do something posey, turns out Kardashianish 🤪 ❤️ Androgynous @hanzmedina . . . #portrait #fashion Styled by Winky

2 months ago 0
2149006791161655107_12605538 instagram

Been absent, a lot of photos queueing since the beginning of the year. One of my fav as the gaze was a strong game. @dylanh1.618 #portrait #blackandwhite

2 months ago 5
2126735747721857637_12605538 instagram

‘What takes you so long taking my pic’ ‘is my butt looking optimal?’ ‘Faster lah’ ‘Why is no one ready’ ‘You are late’ kinda face 😈

3 months ago 4
2124364920154008915_12605538 instagram

I always love spontaneous ones ; Behind the scenes from my side camera did me good when I was photographing a wedding part-timing with @toneimage #wedding #melbourne #photographer #photo

3 months ago 13
2123236253415825634_12605538 instagram

It was raining and I got wet. Thanks, @neiltriffett for only leading me a brief 10km off the correct track. That was an unplanned cardio 🔥

3 months ago 1
2120013787059185403_12605538 instagram

I am grateful to have the chance to shoot another wedding of a couple with Turkish background when I did candid for @toneimage , it fascinated me to get cultured while doing what I enjoy so much (although it is a long hour) ✨ Here are some of the shoot I managed to upload quickly #melbourne #wedding #turkish #photographer #couple #preweddingphoto #preweddingshoot #love

3 months ago 10
2118996308937518195_12605538 instagram

Been a busy week, but I am enjoying the second of it! Well I have been lazy yesterday but its okay, you can not be “high” all the time everyday. But miss that 🙄 you know who #me

3 months ago 8
2114631505431467875_12605538 instagram

The gaze is the one that matters ✨🌟

3 months ago 5
2112917368414292135_12605538 instagram

Just purchased this tiny plant from @theplantsocietyau It is really satisfying how plants can make you feel refreshed! Not obsessed yet, but starting to like it ✨ #plant #green #love

3 months ago 2
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The subtle art of giving a fuck is not giving a fuck 🌟 @riekaoesman #bw #photo #photograph #instagood #mood

3 months ago 0
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I am actually itching because they were not aligned with the window #ocd , but still it was a beautiful weather! @darianwijaya @sharrenpriscia #love #wedding #photooftheday #instagood #summer

3 months ago 2