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2019 x @omardaniel

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#melbournian Subject : @luketoniolo #blackandwhite

13 days ago 0
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I love the coloured version of this portrait, but probably the other version is a bit too bright for some people. So that one could go to the slide number 2! #prewedding @sharrenpriscia @darianwijaya #photography #couple

29 days ago 0
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Keep the black and white coming. I like it looking timeless :) #blackandwhite #portrait subject @omardaniel

1 months ago 0
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Deleted the last post, just because I change my mind quite impulsively I prefer this one tho’ @futuremodels.id #blackandwhite

1 months ago 0
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X 2019, @greggygiorgio #blackandwhite

1 months ago 0
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Old ones with @joshuarizzi 💅🏿😒

2 months ago 0
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That time when @nandoskinner and @twentyonemmmgt xxxxx Time flies! #boys #blackandwhite Ask for more :)

2 months ago 0
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Traditional wedding celebration definitely added more cultural knowledge to me #throwback with @toneimagemelb #wedding #melbourne

2 months ago 0
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The power of gaze! James 2019 @jameslachlan

2 months ago 0
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Title is : For those who asked or the gift that keeps on giving? Subject : @frrrfrancois

2 months ago 0
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One of the most long overdue photographs needed to be done. Would an uncensored be appropriate? 😏

2 months ago 0
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2019 October

3 months ago 0
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Melbourne, your weather has been having a mood swing today, a chill pill perhaps? #random #tourist #selfie by @filmwunder

3 months ago 0
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Been a while since the last time I had my picture of my self taken by a phone camera :) Letting you know that I am still alive 🤣

3 months ago 0
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Watch out Red is a hot papi! @joshrizzi Was fun putting a midriff on a guy 👌🏻✨

4 months ago 0
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Pure Beauty ✨ Studio shoot when I was in Jakarta, @hanzmedina Love the simple styling so much!

4 months ago 0
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Pretty much a one fine day today, found these trolley and had to play around with it so I could produce pretentious fake pose selfies 🤪 Thanks @philipharos

4 months ago 0
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