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Guys! I’m so excited to launch the first ever global campaign with my partners The Emirates, that dares you to dream as big as you can and make the impossible, possible. That’s what I’m all about. I invite each and every one of you who has the ability to DREAM BIG to participate by creating a video that does not exceed 1min telling us about your dream and share it on your profile using #MarsShot. That’s right, we are going bigger than the moon shot and in exactly 2 weeks, we are going to make 3 lucky beleivers Mars Shot come true… watch us. Follow @MarsShotUAE!

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#LilSwag #LiveLoveLaugh

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Celebrating life with the ones I love....thank you to my beautiful wife @enikohart & my amazing kids & my dope ass friends for making yesterday a day to remember & cherish #LiveLoveLaugh

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Can’t imagine life without them.... #Harts #LiveLoveLaugh

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It’s way to confusing to explain these pictures....just know that they were taken during crazy laughter in fun....which is also why you should tune into my new show “Celebrity Game face” on “E” tonight at 10pm est 7pm pst ....Let’s goooooo #CelebrityGameFace

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#Harts #BirthDayVibes

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So blessed & so thankful to see the age 41....I’m lucky to be alive. There will never be another day that just goes by in my life that’s not treated with the highest level of respect and appreciation....God is great!!!! Thank you....Happy B Day to me damn it!!!!! #LiveLoveLaugh

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It’s my Birthday Bitttccchhheeesssss.....So do me a favor and enjoy this dope ass trailer for my new project “Die Hart” .....It’s action & comedy on another level. John Travolta is amazing as expected & @nathalieemmanuel lights the screen up in so many ways. Prepare to be blown away damn it....Die Hart is FUCKING GOOD!!!!!! It’s that simple. P.S....It’s my Birthday BITCH!!!!! #DieHart #ActionStarShit ......Die Hart will be available on @quibi SOON. Stay tuned

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The Big 41.....Getting better with time

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They don’t play when it comes to our youngest prince..... AKA “Zo” #Harts

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Late post but a great post.... #Motivation #HustleHart #NoDaysOff

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Dad life 😂 #Harts

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