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Because every once in a while you just have to slow down. Link in bio to get my go-to mask when my skin needs some extra love #proactivambassador

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loves summer

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last day on set for the summer

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I love working with @moon to create innovative oral beauty products like my teeth whitening pen. It's so easy to use and a perfect on-the-go beauty product to keep in your bag! #moonpartner

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w/ @mertalas 🖤

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when my acne was at its worst, I was a high schooler who didn’t want to leave the house. Now I’m content with my skin. If you want to try Proactiv, you won’t regret it. Link in bio. #proactivambassador

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@Ksubi out now #ksubi by @dexternavy #ad

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mems 🥰

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