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I got Georgia on my mind because the voter registration deadline for the senate run-offs is 🚨 DECEMBER 7 🚨 Visit fairfight.com to make your voter plan - even if you’re 17 👏🏼 years 👏🏼 old 👏🏼 (but will be 18 by January 5th❗️) Call 888-730-5816 if you have questions! Otherwise, it’s all 🍑-y keen, jelly bean ♥️

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A little birdie told me you wanted #ShoesdayTuesday back, and I figured why not come back with a 🎇BURST🎆 on #GivingTuesday? Proceeds from the sales of The Firework sneaker (designed by Camp Firework campers 💁🏼‍♀️) will go directly to @fireworkfoundation ♥️ @katyperrycollections

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Why cut the tree when you can BE the tree 😛🎄 Looking forward to a Cozy Little Christmas mome tonight on @abcnetwork at 8/7c ♥️

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happy Saturn day, I love you ♥️

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We haven’t always seen 👁 to 👁 but I’m proud of my dad n bro for coming up with this! Head to @NothingButAmerican store for the vibes ♥️🇺🇸

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ICYMI: my latest offering with my friend @dariusrucker at the @AMAs Sending you #OnlyLove this Thanksgiving weekend 🦃 I am grateful for you. ♥️ link in me bio👆🏻

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tonight’s @amas performance is for my father ♥️

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Went back to church, met a new friend @dariusrucker and found #OnlyLove ♥️ Tune in for Katheryn on the @AMAS tonight at 8/7c on @abcnetwork

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Come with me to the edge of the world...✨ my first offering of #NotTheEndOfTheWorld for #Tmall’s Double 11 Gala ♥️ Link in bio

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🥳 SORPRESSSSSA! 🎉 I know it’s been a challenging year for everyone but through it all it’s truly showed me the definition of the word RESILIENT, a song from #Smile and now an at home video made with the help of @chloewallace @lawebdecanada @timsek... @cocacolaeu’s #OpenToBetter film is dedicated to all of you 💪🏼KCs and is out now at the link in my bio. Hope ur loving this #collaboration with @aitanax and @tiesto as much as my mom moves do 😛

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what do u value

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