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It is PIT-iful that the long weekend made me almost forget about #ShoesdayTuesday! DO-nut be mad at me 😩 @katyperrycollections

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(NOW THAT I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION!) You’re watching @americanidol, right West Coast? There may be a quiz later. JK no quiz but lots of feels 😩 @abcnetwork #americanidol

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🐽PIG🐽 things are in store for a VERY new and 💉REVAMPED💉season of @americanidol WHICH STARTS TONIGHT 8/7c on @abcnetwork 📺 I will be live Tweeting and God knows what else with the East Coast - follow along ya?!

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one year ago I said yes to a life of love and evolution... and definitely never a dull moment 😜

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Miss us? Even if you didn’t, we’re going to be in your living room Sunday 8/7c for the season premiere of @americanidol on @abcnetwork 📺💁🏼‍♀ (we promise not to make a mess-ish)

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Feeling 🍑peachy keen jelly bean🍑 that season 3 of @americanidol is back in FOUR DAYS! 😱 Tune in to @jimmykimmellive tonight on @abcnetwork to see me and my fellow judges @lukebryan and @lionelrichie talk about why 3rd season is gonna be a charm hinny 💅🏻

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Are you a stripe or a solid? Good thing there’s a Melly out there for everyone 🎉 #shoesdaytuesday @katyperrycollections

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ROLL CALL! ☝🏼week until the @americanidol season 3 premiere! 🙋🏼‍♀️ if you’re tuning in with me!

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me: what’s up katycats: WHERE’S KP5?!

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We all know @ryanseacrest has a thousand jobs. Did you know bus driver was one of them? 🚌😬 Keep an eye out for the full @americanidol performance during the Oscars tomorrow to see Seacrest at work + a sneak peek of the season 3 talent 👀🎤⤴️

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Melbourne! Just ONE month until I see you at the @mcg on International Women’s Day to celebrate the best female cricketers on the planet! Ladies n Gents, are you ready? 🏏 💜

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So proud of our @unsubrecords signee @cynthialovely scoring a KICK ASS spot in the @birdsofprey movie n soundtrack! Link in Stories! Go check it out on the BIG SCREEN NOW! ♥️🤡🎭#imacynner

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