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Derek and I go way back. (Jk I forced him to take a pic with me 5 years ago). Also, I now look at this pic and think, “straighten your knee! Elbow up! Relax your hand”! 😂 #Dwts Happy Dancing Monday!!!!

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Sing it with me. I AM MOANNNNAAA. Not gonna lie. It’s been a tough week. Ankle is still so sore which has really put a damper on rehearsing. No MRI results as of this minute, which has been mentally draining too. So we are going to need those votes tomorrow night!!OK? #teamwillyouacceptthisdance #Willyouacceptthisdance #DWTS

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Calling to see if you wanna trade my Gushers for your Dunkaroos?

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I am always embarrassed to admit this, because it’s silly, and I am more than my hair. But hair has always been an insecurity of mine. I have extremely thin fine hair, and 5 years ago I started losing it due to stress.. So when I find a good hair stylist, I’m so grateful! Wanted to thank @kaceywelch for doing my hair and using her Kacey Welch method on me. Her silk weft extensions are a dream. Now let’s hope I can continue to twirl this weave on the dance floor. Yasss honey.

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“And when you get the choice, to sit it out or dance....I hope you dance, I hope you dance”. 😭😭❤️❤️ I was hysterically bawling thinking I had to sit this one out. Thank you to the dr, PT, and Artem for making sure I was ok to dance. I have an MRI today and I will keep everyone posted. We can’t thank everyone enough for the votes and love. @dancingabc #DWTS @theartemc #teamwillyouacceptthisdance

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It’s SHOWTIME!!! 🌟 And we need your votes!! We have been working so hard on this fox trot, and I think you will get to see why it means so much to me. Voting starts at 5pm PT 8pm ET and ends as soon as the show is over. So even if we are the last dance, you need to start voting ASAP. You can vote up to 10 times on every device you have by texting KAITLYN to 21523 !! And go to my bio to be able to create an account and vote online! (You can do both)!AHHH IM SO NERVOUS/EXCITED!!!!! This ones for you mom. #DWTS #teamwillyouacceptthisdance

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Ramen does this every time I come home. #GoodBoy

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Grateful for this little support system. The pups have adjusted to their Hollywood life, especially diva ramen. Thankfully Jason can work from home so he’s been adjusting to the apartment life, not having his own space, and grinding while being an all star dog dad 😂

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So fetch

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When it’s 2020 and you forget how to hug.. Ok.. Let me share what I’ve learned about Artem in the last couple of weeks. He’s never done ballet but he can pirouette like a mother f*cker, he LOVES his baby and fiancé so so much that his happiness RADIATES in the studio, he’s pretty funny, he’s a great cook, loves his motorcycles, builds stuff, he quotes wedding crashers, he judges me for drinking bad coffee, and he is extremely patient. I’ve also learned that the other pro dancers call him velvet because his moves are so smooth. He’s pretty nit picky in the studio which I love because I’m a perfectionist. So I’ve come up with the perfect nickname. Let me introduce you to the #VelvetHammer. Guy is smooth but LAYS DOWN THE LAW. Are we into this nick name 😂 ? GET READY TO VOTE for team #WillYouAcceptThisDance to keep us in the game! We’re gonna FOX TROT IT UP FOR YALL, and it’s a very special dance. Swipe to see how you can vote and help us achieve our goals. Aka that mirrorballllll #ForTeo #dwts #Nationaldanceday

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Workin on the next dance!! Somehow @theartemc and I always show up to the studio color coordinated 😂 #Willyouacceptthisdance #dwts

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TEAM #WillYouAcceptThisDance is here !!! Dream partner. Dream dance. Dream come true. Artem was supposed to be my partner 5 years ago. BUT THIS TIME ITS FO REAL. Pinch me. #Dwts

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