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Last night at @louisvuitton. Human anklet not included. Congrats on the collection @nicolasghesquiere!

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Caption this

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When they ask you to hit a hickory wood club from the 1800s and you stripe it down 18 aka for my non-golfers: I hit the ball with an old ass club and it was chill.

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#TBT When two wrongs DO make a right. HBD @JIMMYFALLON. Cheers to whatever’s happening in this pic. I’m sorry / you’re welcome.

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Tuscan Drip: Seconda Parte

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While the rescue and relief efforts continue in the Bahamas, I’m joining the One Bahamas Fund (with @tigerwoods, @rbc, and @albanybahamas) to help raise money and support for the restoration and rebuilding of this island and its community. The damage and devastation the residents are facing after #HurricaneDorian is unfathomable so we’re matching dollar for dollar the the next $6 million raised. If you give $1 we’ll match it so we can hopefully turn that $6 million into $12 million, together. The Bahamas is a really special place to me. I’ve spent a lot of time there over the years, both with my family and in the studio so I want to do all I can to help and I hope you will too. Please repost, spread the word, and give if you can. Link up top. 🙏

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What she said!

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This week in 🇨🇭with @rorymcilroy showing me how it’s done.

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Lotta Kings At BB King’s. M-Town nights...

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Lizzo flames, brb

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I been driving boats. I don’t know, guys.

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