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Happiness is.. to arrive home on the first day of snow! I can’t even describe how excited I am. My cheeks hurt from smiling 🥺❄️🙏🏻🙏🏻

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It’s almost cruel how fast they grow 🖤🖤#twins #identicaltwins #twinsisters

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Celebrating the first stage of a three-stage easing of restrictions in France! I was such a delight to breath in a bit of freedom, though not fully. The lockdown, like most of restrictions, will remain in place, but the certificate that people currently use when they leave home, will allow people to travel 20 km from home instead of one, and for three hours instead of one *sarcastic yaay*. Also so-called "non-essential" shops such as bookshops and clothing shops are re-open again. It was so nice to be outside in my favorite garden in Paris today, watching all the people enjoying the beautiful weather. The city was exceptionally captivating and I could feel Christmas spirit in the air. I even got the feeling people put their very best on just to walk around the streets. That’s how much we all have been waiting for this 😅I can’t wait for December 15 when we hopefully will be able to move around the country freely (if we ignore a night time curfew) and enjoy life again. I miss reading in the gardens of Versailles, our lunch dates with Eric and walks by the sea with Winona. Not even talking about seeing our dear friends and family. You know, the things that should be normal and not illegal. Hopefully, our governments will find the solution soon. Meanwhile, stay safe and take care of each other xx

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My girl gang 🖤 @wauwcapow

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Limited edition 😏 @nununuworld

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Whoever said that seeing the world through the eyes of a child is the purest joy that anyone can experience, probably didn’t have a Soviet babushka! Everything around is magic for her! You should see how excited she was seeing Paris. Though, the most exciting experience for her was to see all the varieties of cabbage in the shop 😅She was like a child in the candy shop. She didn’t even know 2/3 of the veggies and fruits that was there. Our car is a space ship from the future 😂 She was amazed by it and spent all the way playing with the lights on the car panels 😅😂 Vacuum robot, laundry dryer, leaf vacuum, humidifier... everything is new to her. But her biggest love is Kuzya, of course 😅I can’t tell how many pictures I have with her and the cat on my phone 😂😂We spend our days together doing puzzles, coloring, walking in the forest, working in the garden, cooking and doing exercises for seniors 💪🏻😅She doesn’t even complain about pain anymore and is full of energy. I don’t know what the doctor will say, and if there’ll be any positive effects from the chemotherapy, but I’m so damn happy to see her full of life and smiling every day. I swear, in 26 years I’ve never seen her being so happy. So I broke my rule - nothing Christmasy until December and put up a Christmas tree for her 🎄To fulfill her days in France with even more magic 🪄

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Did you know that Anya, Mia and Luna are officially ones of 1.64 million ethnic Latvians in the world? 🇱🇻 They got dual nationality shortly after they were born and have both French and Latvian passports 🇱🇻🇱🇻Anya even has two names - Anya in French and Anja in Latvian passport (we don’t have Y in our alphabet and often translate and “latvianize” names). Voilà voilà! Let’s raise our glasses for Latvia and wish her many more years of freedom and awesomeness 🥂 I’ve been celebrating since the noon today 😂🇱🇻🇱🇻#theproudest #latvijai102🇱🇻 #latvijai102 #daudzlaimeslatvija #latvia #manalatvija #sveicienslatvijai #18novembris

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Today is my country’s birthday 🇱🇻 I celebrate humbly, knowing I have no merit in having been born in such an astonishingly beautiful and free nation, and thinking of everyone who had shed blood for my beloved Latvia. I’m truly proud of my country and my people. It doesn’t matter that I’m 2000 km away - Latvia is in my heart, she’s in my blood and in the blood of my children. Hopefully, one day they will learn to appreciate and cherish their heritage. Cause it’s one of a kind! Daudz laimes, mana Latvija!! 🇱🇻 #latvijai102 #latvia #daudzlaimeslatvija #18novembris #manalatvija

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Couldn’t wait for Christmas and got them kick scooters 🛴 to brighten up gloomy days 🌧 Thank you @babyshop for helping me to make the quarantine a little bit more fun 🌈

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I think everyone who’ve read Anna Karenina by Tolstoy remembers the opening quote: “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” Truly one of the greatest books of all time. I was obsessed with Russian classics in my late teens. Authors like Tolstoy, Dostoyevski and Nabukov influenced me and helped shape my personality and outlook on life. I believe that it’s because of them I’m such romantic, and a hopeless one at that. You know, not the kind that wears flowery dresses and believes in unicorns, but the kind that is constantly in pain and suffers, and reads The Brothers Karamazov when pregnant ))) It’s not the easiest way to go through life but I can’t help but think too much and feel everything so very deeply. It’s both a blessing and a curse, you know. When you feel and love deeply, you usually suffer deeply. Really deeply. I’m constantly struggling with my own feelings, thoughts and the extremity of my inner-duality. I often feel like I’m lost in my own dimension. And that the real world is incapable of being receptive to my big heart. That’s why I often feel disappointed, hurt and very lonely. Like, there can be no peace for me. Only misery or the greatest happiness. If you’ve read Crime and Punishment, I’m a lot like Rodion Romanovitch Raskolnikov, just haven’t committed a murder, yet.

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Cause I'm as free as a bird now And this bird you'll never change 🎶 @paademode

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