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👩🏻❤️ Ft. my twisted foot

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Australian Law Students Q & A (Ft. Fried Chicken & Spicy Rice Cakes MUKBANG) 🇦🇺👩🏻‍🎓 (Link in bio) Uploaded on my Yourube channel NOW!!!

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Australian Law Student Q & A Ft. Fried Chicken + Spicy Rice Cakes #teaser 호주 법대생 큐앤에이 Ft. 치킨 + 떡볶이 #티저 Full video uploaded TONIGHT 9PM(aest).

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Cooked for my baby❤️ #seafoodmarinara #garlicbread

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FINALLY! My next video will be uploaded soon! This is my close friend and we've known each other since primary school (so about 13 years now). We lost in touch for a bit but we coincidentally met again in university and realised that we study the same degree! For this video, I introduced some of famous Korean food to her and we talked about our experiences as Australian Law students 👩🏻‍🎓Stay tuned ✌️

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A fantastic way to start our Saturday night ❤️💜

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@hyeng6 perfected her surprise birthday party...by arriving at the same time as the pizza delivery man😂

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Everyone seemed to take photos at the lookout so I decided to change it up a bit 🙃

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It's a bit late but 2019 has been the hardest yet the most exciting year so far. I've been spending more quality time with my family, formed a stronger relationship with @jungohfficial and many of my friends. As most of you already know, 2019 didn't start off great for me. I really wanted to stop uploading videos on my Youtube channel after what happened but I've received so much support and am so thankful for that❤️ People these days ask me why I don't upload as much and the reason is because I want my videos to have catchy and quality content. Yet, it still makes my day when people come to me and talk about my channel or do the Jinibebe click haha 😂😍 Last but not least, I was able to do all of these because of God. Hopefully 2020 will be a year where I can grow as a Christian as well. Well anyways, hello #2020 👋🏼

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역시 연말에는 집에서 에어콘 틀고 만두 만드는게 최고 👍 #happynewyear #새해복많이받으세요 #2019almostdone

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우리 2020년에도 즐겁게 후회없이 보내자 ✌️#endoftheyear #2019almostdone

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Swipe to see more Christmas lights ✨

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크리스마스 이브이자 우리한테는 조금 더 특별했던 날 ⭐️🎄 #900days #merrychristmas

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We tried the SUSHI CHALLENGE in @umisushiaus !!! My video is uploaded now (link in bio)❤️ #지니베베 #JINIBEBE

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🍣 SUSHI CHALLENGE TEASER 🍣 #지니베베 #JINIBEBE Full video uploaded TOMORROW 9pm(aest).

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