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The heat has been BRUTAL in DC over the past few days. I mean, I nearly passed out taking this photo. I’m not quite ready to give up pool days but I also get giddy thinking about sweaters and orange everything. Summer or fall? Let me know in the comments. ☀️

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Twirling my worries away in my perfect @showpo dress 💛 #showpo #showpoambassador

5 days ago 84
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Can’t buy me love but you can buy me a latte from @coladashop and that’s pretty close. ☕️ • One of my staple hangouts in DC is the Colada Shop! They’re all about creating a means for authentic connections over amazing food (my fav is the seasonal empanadas) and the Cuban experience. From coffee on the patio to cocktails on the rooftop, this is a must try for my DC friends!

7 days ago 68
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Stumbled into a fairytale location in the midst of the city 🌿 (📷: @kevin.ng.law)

10 days ago 75
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I look at my coffee with heart eyes, doesn’t everyone? 💭⭐️

13 days ago 71
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If my personality were a pair of shorts, I’m pretty sure it would be this pair. 🌸 #showpo #showpoambassador Y’all, this tree was right smack in front of a government office building and we shot this photo during morning rush hour. I almost didn’t get up to shoot because I was so nervous of all of the staring, honking, even laughing to come. But I decided rhat was SILLY, got my butt out of bed, and did what I needed to do and now I’ve achieved a small goal which is getting me closer to my bigger goals. Stop letting fear dictate your decisions about things you really want for yourself! Thanks for coming to my Jen talk. 💭

19 days ago 127
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Looking like I’m about to go hop on the beach but really I’m just laying out on my rooftop because city life. Gotta make the best out of what you’ve got! 🌆

21 days ago 92
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Just walking down the steps of my multi-million dollar suite. Just kidding—I can pretend though! Had the opportunity to attend the most amazing event at @wardmantower last evening. Thank you to @jillianswhalen for inviting me to this magical place! ✨

26 days ago 57
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The perfect way to spend a 100 degree day is inside painting wearing my fav @princesspollyboutique overalls 🎨

28 days ago 68
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My happy place on a Sunday afternoon ⭐️💭 — @thelinehotel is one of my happy places in the city. I love to grab an iced chai from the coffee shop, sit on the steps outside, and people watch. One of my guilty pleasures 🙈. I really want to start sharing more of my favorite places around DC with y’all! What’s one of your happy places? ☀️

1 months ago 72
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This is my “do not disturb, I’m in my happy place” hand 🖐🏼🌴

1 months ago 94
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My Texas trip has come to a close. There’s such a special place in my heart for my home state and I’m always so sad to leave, but it’s time to return to my home in DC! Where are you from?! ⭐️

1 months ago 73
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“The little things? The little moments? They aren’t little.”

1 months ago 36
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home sweet home. ⭐️

1 months ago 63
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My travel buddy for life ✈️! We’re about to get on a flight to Texas and I’m so so excited! What are your plans for the Fourth?

2 months ago 63
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Happy Sunday ⭐️ Having my nails done makes me feel more put together, feminine, and confident, but I’ve started to skip it because I was tired of overpaying for low quality service. • Living in such a fast-paced and expensive city, it’s difficult to find a nail salon that takes their time and doesn’t overcharge. But I’ve got NEWS for y’all. I recently went to @thenailsaloon in Eastern Market and was blown away. Not only is it affordable (my mani is priced at $32), but they took their time, explained quality nail care to me, and used non-toxic products all while I sipped champagne—10/10 experience and service. If you’re not only looking for an incredible result, but a relaxing and enjoyable experience, treat yo self and try it out! 💅🏼

2 months ago 41
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When will I stop standing in roads for the shot? Never. 🚦 • (📷: @kevin.ng.law)

2 months ago 43
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This shoot was a piece of 🍰! What’s your favorite flavor of cake?

2 months ago 76