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Time travel to the 1930s in Napier, the most consistently Art Deco city in the world due to it being largely rebuilt after a devastating earthquake in 1931. #napier #newzealand #artdeco #retro

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Mount Cooke, New Zealand. Another one from the archive from a past assignment that allowed me catch a glimpse of this beautiful country. #mountcooke #newzealand #travel

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From the archive: A view of Karekare falls in Auckland. Shot while on assignment and such a perfect opportunity to explore this beautiful country. #karekare #auckland #travel #newzealand

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From the archive: children playing by a stream in Queenstown. Shot whilst I was on assignment in New Zealand. It was the perfect opportunity to see some of this beautiful country. #newzealand #travel

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I had the opportunity to visit Aemulus Corp. for Bloomberg Businessweek last week. The company supplies equipment to the semiconductor industry, and has fielded five to 10 times more inquiries this year than in 2018 from U.S.- and China-based customers that are reconfiguring their supply chains in preparation for what could, in the CEO’s opinion, be a potentially prolonged “Technological Cold War”. Interesting look into a cutting edge Malaysian business, thanks for sending me on this @janeyeomansbbphoto #business #finance #siliconvalley #industry #semiconductor

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A couple of months ago I was on assignment on the eastern seaboard of Malaysia - excited to say the article will be published soon. Here’s one photo that didn’t make the final spread. We were there to explore the environmental and economic impact of the East Coast Rail Link, a Malaysian and Chinese collaboration to link the developed west and the under-developed conservative east of the country. The project forms part of China’s global ambitions for greater economic integration through their Belt and Road Initiative, a modern day policy of international infrastructure building with echoes to China’s Silk Road trading past. One place along the ECRL’s route that we visited was the Alliance Steel plant, a subsidiary of a steel company from China at the Malaysia-China Kuantan Industrial Park (MCKIP) in Gebeng. The company has a 710 acre plot, but what was even more impressive was the already earmarked, yet to be completed, still forested, and massive — 3000 acre industrial estate. The park is the first Malaysia National Industrial Park jointly developed by both Malaysia and China. Strategically located in the East Coast Economic Region and facing the South China Sea, it represents a gateway access to ASEAN, Asia Pacific and worldwide markets. #industry #economicdevelopment #environment #deforestation #globalisation #jobs #costofdevelopement

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Due out on Earth Day in 2020. Very honoured to have my piece included among such a fine company of writers. Super excited to get my copy! Thank you @freemanreads for involving me on this excellent project! Image by @freemanreads #climatechange #earthday2020 #earthday #environment #inequality

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A view of the landscape on the way up to Sapa. One of the scenes I came across on my last days in Vietnam as the weather started to clear. On assignment for @natgeo #vietnam #sapa #natgeo #travel

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To get to Sapa for this story on cardamom I took the overnight route, a train journey on the Victoria Express to Lao Cai near the Chinese border in the north of Vietnam. Most definitely a trip I would prefer to do with my better half, but even on my own, the romance of such a train journey was appreciated. Service was impeccable with bumps and clickety-clacks included for a fully rounded experience. On assignment in Vietnam for @natgeo #vietnam #onassignment #trainride #natgeo

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I’m in the field doing a story on cardamom in Vietnam. The weather has been a dense fog for most of the time I’ve been here and today it cleared. This is the view from this morning at Topas Eco Lodge where I stayed for a couple of nights. The chalets are nestled on the ridge of two valleys, right in the middle of rice fields. Stunning! On assignment in Vietnam for @natgeo #onassignment #natgeo #vietnam #travel

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Swipe right to see more. 1. Traveling Vietnamese style. Lang has my suitcase between her legs, and I have my camera bag on my front with a camera in hand plus a backpack; 2. The near-constant fog gave way to torrential rain today, hence the emergency poncho outfits; 3. The rain didn't relent so plan B was to have a Vietnamese coffee. Sure enough the weather improved after I ordered; 4. The weather did clear a little to give me a taste of what surrounded me eventually. On assignment in Vietnam for @natgeo #onassignment #natgeo #vietnam #sapa #travel

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The Notre Dame cathedral in Sapa, built by the French during Vietnam’s colonial past, casts a neon lit glow above an electric bus and some travellers in the evening fog. I’m three days into my assignment, and whilst I love this weather, it's starting to get frustrating as I can hardly see any of the spectacular scenery surrounding this area because of the near constant fog day and night. I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed for the next few days. On assignment in Vietnam for @natgeo #onassignment #natgeo #sapa #vietnam #catholic #notredame

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A woman displays her buffalo for sale at a Sunday market in Bac Ha, Vietnam. On assignment in North Vietnam for @natgeo #onassignment #natgeo #vietnam #sundaymarket

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While waiting for my next ride, a train journey to the north of Vietnam, I’m drinking coffee at the suitably named Railway Hanoi Cafe. French jazz drifts up the spiral staircase to the balcony where I’m sat with a view of a bustling street from above. The air is pleasantly cool. What can I say — I love this town. Happy to be back here even if it’s only for a few hours before I hop on a train. #onassignment #natgeo #travel #vietnam #therailwayhanoi

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The view as I land in Hanoi. Heading north for an assignment. Excited! #onassignment #travel #natgeo #vietnam

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My new work kindly supported by the Pulitzer Center, on deserts forming at the headwaters of the Yellow River in the Qinghai Tibetan Plateau is out now in print in the Walrus Magazine. Swipe left to see more. Thank you to the wonderful team at Walrus for doing such a great job with the story and layout. And also to @yancongphoto for your indispensable assistance on this excellent adventure. @pulitzercenter @walrusmag #desert #thirdpole #climatechange #pulitzercenter #china #qinghai

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Competition day!! Spent the afternoon watching the local talent crush some plastic. #bouldering #camp5 #malaysia #rockclimbing

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My work on expanding deserts near the headwaters of the Yellow River, kindly supported by the Pulitzer Center, is due to be published in the Walrus Magazine in November. Looking forward to seeing the 10 page spread that combines a series of panoramic landscapes with documentary images of the expedition. The images in this post (swipe left) are of that expedition with Chinese environmentalist, Yang Yong, who let me tag along on his epic journey. #climatechange #desertification #yellowriver #qinghai #pulitzer #china @pulitzercenter @walrusmag

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