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Reinforcement @lagalaxy @rinorusso

1 days ago 3K
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Everybody said it was over but Dr Fu said no THANK YOU

3 days ago 3K
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All the way up @lagalaxy

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We are the ones who refuse to give up. Who sees things differently and never back down from a challenge. Are you Sweden's next Number 10? Apply at numberten.club @volvocarsverige

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Ninja stuff

16 days ago 17K
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Future Olympic and World Taekwondo Champions the brothers Salim. Watch them take over the world @officialomarsalim @iamsharifsalim #thesalims

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Finally a camera for my best side – both sides! Experimenting with the new rotating camera on Samsung Galaxy A80. #dowhatyoucant

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I AM LA!!!

1 months ago 17K
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Bottlecap or Ball no difference!

1 months ago 4K
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The Future @salimtaekwondocenter #thesalims

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My favourite team of all time. I only have to decide the coach. Maybe will be Zlatan

1 months ago 24K
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@sprakforalla (Zoran) You are welcome @paulpogba you are next #bottlecapchallenge

2 months ago 30K