하루아침에 겨울이 찾아왔어요. 너무 추워서 남자친구랑 저는 같이 롱패딩을 입고 뒤뚱뒤뚱 걸어다니는데 남자친구가 너무 귀엽네요 🥰 그래서 날씨도 추우니까 와인을 먹으러 왔어요. (무슨상관인진 모르겠지만) 우리는 술 잘 못마시니까 은은하게 분위기에 취하는걸로 해요 💕 - The weather suddenly turned cold. It hasn't been long since fall, but winter has come. My boyfriend and I wear long paddings and we both look so cute walking. So we came to eat wine because the weather is cold. (What does weather have to do with alcohol?) Anyway, we enjoy the atmosphere because we don't drink very well. 💕

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