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I’m incredibly blessed and thankful to have this family! It was wonderful to have everyone together today, and I am happy we all visited Mawmaw’s grave together....my heart is filled with so much love ❤️ Happy Thanksgiving!! 🍁🦃 #thankful

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The gang’s together again! So much love for my sisters and big brother ❤️ #strangerthings #80s #halloween 🎃💀👻

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Living for the city 🏙🎶 #chicago #steviewonder

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Threw my back out dancing last night at @erynbclark and @brandonclark21’s wedding but it was such a fun night and totally worth it! Also happy the SDHS lady wildcats could reunite last night! 🏀💍

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When we all come together, we can have a huge impact. We can take simple actions in our daily lives to confront the climate emergency. (Look at how cute the little boy is in the last photo) 🌎 #ClimateStrike #fridaysforfuture #climatechange

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4/4 of the records on the wall are #motownrecords 🎶🎺

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Back in the sticks w/ these hooligans 🌲⛺️ #labordayweekend

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Peace out to my social life as I finish my FINAL year of school after 8746942 years at @unccharlotte @soauncc #architorture #gradschool #sevenyearslater #babyarchitect ✌🏼📐 📷: @drakececil1

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Super proud of this guy. After graduating from @appstate he set off to hike the 2,192 mile Appalachian Trail in 2 half sections -heading north from Shenandoah, Virginia to Mt. Katahdin, Maine. Then back from Shenandoah, VA south to Springer Mountain, GA. On August 21st he summited Mt. Katahdin. Before flipping back to Virginia he is hiking on the 743 mile International Appalachian Trail north through New Brunswick to Cap Gaspé, Quebec. Keep trekking @ryandowdle and stay safe! It’s been amazing to keep up with this life changing journey you’re on. ⛰💪🏼

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Me and this gal pal @mareiell ....who dances and does heel clicks while hiking UP a mountain ⛰ 🎶🌲

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Celebrating with the family what would have been 65 years of marriage between our sweet grandparents! We miss you everyday, Mawmaw! 💜😇

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First time in a bank vault 🍸💸💰

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My heart has been breaking for some time now, watching you hold on. You were the strongest fighter I will ever know. For the last 7 years of your life, we have been cherishing our days with you, as you have faced the hardest challenges, and have always been able to fight through the pain and pull through even when the odds were against you. It is truly a miracle that we have had this long with you and it is because of the strength in your heart for others. You touched many lives and brought smiles to every face you encountered. When I was little and wanted run way from home...every time, my plan was to always run away to your house...and be with you, my protector. My voicemail box on my phone is full and nobody can leave me voicemails because I have saved every message you have ever left me. I will save them forever so that I can listen to your precious voice. Being with you always filled my heart with more love and joy than I could imagine. You were the most precious and adorable person in my life, and you always will be. Thank you for being the most loving and caring grandmother I could ever be blessed with. Today, it was time for you to let go. It was truly touching to see you hold on until Pawpaw got there, and a few minutes later, you let go. Although this is the hardest thing I’ve ever gone though, my heart is still full of love, knowing you are at peace now, able to walk again, and talk again, open your beautiful blue eyes again, and look down and watch over your babies. You were our matriarch and you taught our family the meaning of unconditional love. Thank you for the life you have given everyone in our family. Pawpaw said it’s going to be hard living in a world that you’re not in...it will be that way for all of us, but don’t worry, for we will take care of him. We will give him all of your love and help him to be strong, like you. You were the most beautiful woman with the biggest heart...and you will always be my hero. I wish I could hold your cute hand one more time. I love you forever, MawMaw. ❤️ Johnnie Sigmon | 3/24/1936 - 6/25/2019 |

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#tbt to sleepovers and ice cream at Mawmaw’s house 💜🍦

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Purple Paris sky

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