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‪K I’m just going to sneak in one more blue mosque pic.. hope you don’t mind 😎‬ ‪::‬ ‪#russia #stpetersburg‬

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‪Found this gem, believe it or not, while scrolling through TripAdvisor.. speaking of that, how do you do travel research? I typically do a blend of Google, Instagram, and Pinterest to find all the cool stuff. And I guess TripAdvisor from time to time 😎‬ ‪::‬ ‪#russia #stpetersburg‬

4 days ago 0
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‪Where is this - Beijing or Moscow?‬ ‪::‬ ‪::‬ ‪Surprisingly, it’s Moscow! Built at the end of the 19th century, the Perlov Tea House is covered in dragons, lanterns, and pagodas. We were delightfully surprised by the excellent tea selection inside too!‬ ‪::‬ ‪#russia #moscow‬

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‪With its ornate chandeliers, delicate frescoes, and marble columns - the subway in Moscow is both an art museum and a super efficient mode of transport. I actually looked forward to the metro stations each time we had to take it! 😎‬ ‪::‬ ‪#russia #moscow‬

8 days ago 0
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‪Can you believe this church was made entirely of interlocking wood pieces and no nails? Even the flowers are in awe.. 🌺‬ ‪::‬ ‪#russia‬

9 days ago 0
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‪If this was a Pantone color, it’d be called ‘Fifty Shades of Russian Red’ 💃‬ ‪::‬ ‪#moscow #russia‬

13 days ago 0
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‪Anyone know where the nearest Tsarbucks is? 😂‬ ‪::‬ ‪Jokes aside, summertime in Russia last year was incredible. The sun didn’t set until midnight, so all the locals were out and about until 2 am every night. The energy in the air was palpable! So if you haven’t been to Russia yet, you absolutely Moscow. 😎‬ ‪::‬ ‪#moscow #russia‬

14 days ago 0
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‪Got a case of the Bukhara Blues.. 💙‬ ‪::‬ #visituzbekistan #bukhara

15 days ago 0
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‪Uzbekistan will pay tourists $3,000 if they get Covid-19 during their visit! 💵‬ ‪::‬ ‪That’s how confident they are in their safety and hygiene measures being placed across all tourism sectors.‬ ‪::‬ ‪How many of you would go? ✈️‬ ‪::‬ #visituzbekistan #samarkand

18 days ago 0
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‪I still can’t believe we put off visiting Uzbekistan for so long. The architecture of all the mosques were simply stunning and the people were so welcoming.‬ ‪::‬ ‪Many people have told me that we would love Iran! Should we go there next?‬ ‪::‬ #visituzbekistan #samarkand

19 days ago 0
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‪Can you guess where this is? It may surprise you.. hint: caviar, vodka,🇷🇺‬ ‪::‬ ‪#stpetersburg #russia‬

21 days ago 0
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‪Uzbekistan has a flair for the dramatic.‬ ‪::‬ #visituzbekistan #uzbekistantravel

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