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We have plenty of new stock arriving into Hopkinsons as we wind down into Autumn. We have now changed our opening hours to: 9am-6pm Mon-Fri. 10am-6pm Sat. 11am-5pm Sun. Giving our great and loyal customers the chance to shop for even longer as we lead up to Christmas. As always, we have many exciting things in the works so keep your eyes peeled!

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*NEW DEALER* Millie Me Vintage has moved into our 1st floor and is giving us gorgeous vintage farmhouse vibes! They have beautiful pattern cushions, dainty tea towel and hankies, vintage teapots and much more! 🌸🍭🧩

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* JUST IN * We've had a MASSIVE delivery of otiginal DC/Marvel comic books from the 80s and 90s, prices ranging from £2 to £25 depending on the comics rarity. Swing by and have a browse!

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Plenty of new arrivals in store! Swing by this bank holiday weekend and grab yourself a quirky bargain! This little guy is priced up at £65, hurry before he shoots back up in to space! 🐒🚀🐒🚀🐒🚀🐒 #vintage #antique #nottingham #lovenotts #whatsoninnottingham #space #monkey

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WE ARE HIRING! We are currently looking for flexible part time staff to join our Hopkinsons family 🖤 Experience and skills - An interest in vintage & antiques is desirable - Retail experience is desirable but not essential - Have excellent customer service - Must be friendly, enthusiastic, self-motivated, confident, reliable and have the ability to multitask - Must have attention to detail - Must have a basic working knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel) Location: 21 Station Street, Nottingham, NG2 3AJ To apply for the role, please send us a CV with a cover letter to: [email protected] or pop in! Candidates must be available for interviews on Tuesday 27th of August.

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Tin signs! £10 each. Located in the basement from one of our new dealers IT. 🏍 lots of goodies to be had in the basement #hopkinson21 #mod #scooter

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How adorable does @bennypupper look in his @dawnyssewingroom bandana? Lots of cute pet bowties and bandanas available in the haberdashery on our first floor! Available in lots of bright and colourful prints!

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Looking for some fun retro games? Want to show your kids what you used to play when you were their age? Or are you an avid collector of all things gaming? We've got an Astro blaster and SEGA Megadrive for sale in store, snap them up quickly before our staff decide to buy them for themselves! 🕹💡👾

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@rosieandthetwoboys popped in yesterday with her beautiful family hunting for treasures! ✨She found this vintage travel tea cosy carrier on our ground floor and snapped it up straight away! We love her quirky and colourful style, thank you for sharing your photo with us! Remember to tag us in any of your photos in store or of our items in your homes with the hashtag #hopkinson21

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💈 Become instantly more attractive 💈 Our in-store barber shop @thedandygent is open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays! With walk-ins available throughout August, pop and say hi on the first floor 💇🏽‍♂️✂️ and come out with a fresh new hairdo!

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Have you realised, nearly everything you buy now comes in plastic? Shampoo, vegetables, meal deals, razors, beauty products and even your clothes made from synthetic materials have plastic in! It's time to say no! And stop letting oil/plastic producing companies benefit from the things you just throw away. The #zerowaste movement is growing, encouraging the reduce and reuse rather than just recycle! ♻️ On first floor, we have two cabinets full of plastic free goodies to get you started on your journey, and remember small steps all add up and one person can have a profound impact! #noplanetb All items from @dashvegan, a brilliant set up down in Cobden Chambers, where you can find more plastic free and vegan goodies! Check them out 🌿🌎

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Looking for vintage football goods? We have loads of vintage football shirts on ground floor, as well as a crate full of old Forest programmes. Pick up a bargain because football season is back! 🍻⚽️🤾🏾‍♂️

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Love the rain? Then travel down to Station Street and visit us! You can even grab a pint outside under the canopy and have a browse around the store. Don’t forget to bring a brolly 💧 #hopkinson21 #nottingham #vintage #rain #lovenotts #whatsoninnottingham

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Welcome to one of our new dealers MEI, who creates lights from reclaimed vintage items. Find them located around the shop in various locations, including the bar! @hopsofnotts #hopkinson21 #reclaimedvintage #lights #nottingham #lovenotts #antiques

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After some cufflinks? Then we’ve got the right cabinet for you! From silver to kitsch to formal to quirky, we’ve got them all. Many priced at just £5, check out cabinet 21 😎 #hopkinson21 #nottingham #vintage #cufflinks #antiques #wedding #lovenotts #whatsoninnottingham

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YEP THAT’S RIGHT! We now have a barbers located on the first floor, also known as @thedandygent 💈walk ins and offers available throughout August. They even have a lil doggy resident, Rolo!

2 months ago 1
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Have you visited The Hidden Haberdashery on our 1st floor? Housing a range of vintage materials, yarn, lace and cotton thread - in every colour under the sun! We also stock refurbished sewing machines, needlecraft and crochet books, and plenty of other accessories including needles, buttons, elastic and more... Come down and have a rummage! #needlecraft #sewing #haberdashery #nottsknitts #fabric #handmadenottingham #knitting #crochet #wool

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Don’t forget guys, we have an ever growing vinyl collection within store. From glam to Motown to punk. So what’s your jam?

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