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GIVEAWAY!! We’ve teamed up with @Petsafe to giveaway two Drinkwell Pet Fountains to two lucky winners. Follow the rules below to enter 😁. The Drinkwell Pet Fountain is seriously a lifesaver, it filters the water automatically, ensuring your furkids always get safe, clean drinking water, which is so important to us. And it has a constant flowing stream, keeping your pet’s H2O tasting crazy fresh. For H+B it’s like having their very own mountain stream at home!! 💦 How to enter: •Follow @Petsafe and @Henrythecoloradodog. •Tag a friend in the comments (unlimited entries, 1 tag = 1 entry) •. Both winners will be announced on (Tuesday 8/27) Good luck everyone and if you just can’t wait to get one for your furkid(s) use our code Henrythecoloradodog15 at http://petsafe.com/healthy-pet-fountain for 15% off one. Our discount is only valid through 8/31. #LeaveItToPetSafe #sponsored

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Hold on tight little Baloo, we’re headed somewhere wild 🌿

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The cat is the hat 🎩

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We’ll happily give you two our jacket any day of the week ☺️ . We’re so excited to share that @eddiebauer now has the Eddie Bauer Canine Club, where they’ll be sharing dogs on adventures!! For your pup’s chance to be featured use #EddieBauerCanineClub + @eddiebauer . Because all of our adventures are better with Henry and Baloo, and I’m sure you feel the same way about your furry friend(s) too 🐕🐈 #whyihike #liveyouradventure #ebcontributor

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Captain Baloo + his First Mate Henry 🛶

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How sweet it is to be loved by you 🎶- James Taylor

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Happy 5th Birthday Henry, Henricans , Bubba!! It feels like it’s only been 2 years since we adopted you, not 5, but we’re soaking in every single moment because there’s no other pup like you. You’re simply the best. Thank you for helping me grow and showing me how to be more present. Because no matter what happens, we have each other, and that’s really all we need ❤️ We love you way more than you’ll ever know. Happy birthday Henry!

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family selfie 🤳 @eddiebauer #whyihike #liveyouradventure #ebcontributor

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Poor little Baloo had a bad allergic reaction to his vaccinations and at one point he could barely stand and couldn’t put any weight on one of his legs (swipe left for pic) 🥺 . Every time he moved, he’d cry out in pain which would make me immediately start bawling. So we went back to the vet and thank goodness they fixed him right up, if only for my own sanity. He’s finally back to being our little Baloo and now we’re headed to Michigan to visit some family and explore the Midwest (H+B’s first time in these states and mine too!!) We were actually suppose to leave Tuesday night, but plans change and B’s health is way more important than a few extra days on the road ❤️. . Titer Test - A simple blood test that checks your pet’s antibodies and allows you to know which vaccines need updating and which do not. Most pets don’t need booster shots every year, so ask your vet about this test! Thanks so much everyone for this info as we had no idea about this test and will always be getting it for H+B in the future :)

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Good friends are hard to find, so when you find one, hold on tight 🧡

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To squish these squishy faces is definitely a reason #whyihike 😊 @eddiebauer #liveyouradventure #ebcontributor

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our little boy scout 💙

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