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. Harmony Scene in Aquarium💙 . #hellofrom Dubai, UAE

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. Remember the good times even though it’s gone .

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. Boosting your photography skill with @loupedeck CT . As you seen in my stories about the unboxing of @loupedeck CT, I couldn’t tell you guys how it enhances the workflow of photo retouching at that moment. I was lucky enough to work with this panel over the course of a week now and I can share some experiences about it. . The @loupedeck CT makes the photo editing more accurate and faster! As a frequent user of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop*, we need to memories all the shortcuts rather than find them in the menu of the software so that we can tap the function immediately. However, @loupedeck provides the highly customizable buttons, dials, touchscreens and a huge wheel which can be set up with your favorite functions (Sometimes, I think I’m using the DJ control panel lol) #. My favorite part of this panel is the touchscreen. 8 pages of 12 virtual buttons of the touchscreen can achieve all the purposes of the photo retouching. On the other hand, the feedback of the CT is instant and sensitive without any delay. I can see the result in a second when I have just tapped the buttons or twisted the dials. . I’m so impressed by this tool. Not only does it work with most of the software for the creators, but also the smaller size of the panel can be put inside the backpack when I need to work outside. It is difficult to the previous version which is keyboard-size Loupedeck Plus. . * The @Loupedeck CT is also compatible with After Effects, Premiere Pro, Illustrators and so on. # For customizing the @loupedeck CT, you need to download Loupedeck Setup from the official website. . @loupedeck #loupedeck #loupedeckct

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. Waiting to go back Turkey again 🇹🇷 . #hellofrom Cappadocia, Turkey

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. Annular Eclipse in HK 2020 . The eclipse has just ended in HK. It’s so amazing to happen in my hometown!! Even though I was planning to Taiwan for the perfect one, I’m still happy with it. The next perfect eclipse in HK will be happened on 2320 (I’m sure I have already died). That’s why I have no regret to see it today. . Have you seen it in your place too?

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. Finding out all the interesting architectures in the world🌍 . #hellofrom Kashan, Iran

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. Love the interaction between places and pigeons 🕊 . Places in frames: Pic 1: St. Macro Square, Venice Pic 2: Duomo di Milano, Milan Pic 3: Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, Florence Pic 3: Colosseum, Rome

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. Twinkling Stars On The Concrete . #hellofrom Cairo, Egypt

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. There is always a shelter for everyone. . Hiking on Summer day isn’t a piece of cake for me especially the weather was extremely hot and sunshine ☀️. Really appreciate @djentkenny that he still went out with me for this peaceful moment. . #hellofrom Sunset Peak, Hong Kong . Inspired by: @kelvinyuen

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. Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain . #hellofrom Hong Kong

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. Chance favours the prepared mind .

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. I wish to get back there. Enjoy the peaceful moment in Moritzburg . #hellofrom Moritzburg, Germany

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