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. In the Middle of Nowhere . It has no chill to take a picture under -15 °C. Keeping warm is the first priority for us 🥶. . #shotoniphone11promax

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. Old Traditions Never Die . Gigantic Wooden Temple - Sanctuary of Truth . #hellofrom Pattaya, Thailand

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. Please wait for the train coming 🚆 . Inspired by @demas . #hellofrom Bangkok, Thailand

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. Hectic Moment under Mt. Fuji 🗻 . To be honest, standing at the middle of the street for a shot is dangerous especially the peak hours. Then, I’ve chosen another way to show the beauty of this street under Mt. Fuji. . Of course, the image has combined several shots of long exposure. No car accident has been happened during shooting. ⚠️ . #hellofrom Kawaguchiko, Japan

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. We call it SUNSET🌅 . My girl said this isn’t the best sunset she has ever seen in Venice. However, I don’t think so. What do you guys think?🧐 . #hellofrom #MySecondHome Venice, Italy

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. The train crossing the nature in the countryside of Bangkok 🚞 . P.S. The train was around 200 meters far from me. It’s taken by 280mm and cropped also. The local was just too nice to help me looking at the train so that I’m safe to shoot it.✨ . #hellofrom Bangkok, Thailand

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. Catch it if you can. 📚 . #hellofrom Seoul, Korea

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. Life in Jama El f’na Market . #hellofrom Marrakech, Morocco

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. Happy Lunar New Year! 🧧 . It’s the most important festival in China and some Asia countries. Of course, I’m sharing this moment with my family and having a Poon Choi (Traditional Chinese Dishes) right now. What will you do on this festival? . #hellofrom Shatou, China

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. My Second Hometown 👩🏻‍🤝‍👨🏼 . That was the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen in Venice. I can’t imagine I have stayed for a long time because of her. Anyway, I recently love reading the history of the countries I have visited before. And then, I just realised that Venice is used to be the country which is Venetian Republic over 2000 years. Also, I was shocked by its history behind especially the history about the crusades. . #hellofrom Venice, Italy .

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. The Brightest Lights In The Dark . #hellofrom Qingyuan, China

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28 Today🙌🏻🎂 . Just wish everything is fine and everyone lives happily 👍🏻 . Finally, wish you are here. @travelwithru .

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