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. Only The Memories Remain . #hellofrom Gangi, Siciliy

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. Geometry: Hexagon 📐 Chemistry: Benzene Ring 🧪 Biology: Honeycomb 🐝 . #hellofrom Sicily, Italy

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. Life is a Game . Are you ready for this? . . #EOSR5 #EOSRsystem #BornToRule #CanonHK

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. . During my childhood, sparkling bauble is such a thing that I really love with its dazzling appearance. And now, @hkifcmall has made it true by 6m huge illuminating bauble for Christmas this year! . P.S. Don’t miss the “Spread of Glow” Light Show during your visit! . #hkifcmall #ifcXmas #FindYourChristmasSparkle

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. Captured the beautiful Hong Kong with @xiaomi.hk Mi 10T Pro and dazzled by its culture, buildings, and nightlife. Can't describe how incredible the advance 108MP camera and different long-exposure modes in the smartphone e.g Neon Trails, with just 1 click of button allows me to take professional pictures easily. BTW, Xiaomi is currently holding a photo competition on mi.com/hk. Stay tuned! ✨ . #Mi10T #ShotByMi #PowerYourCreativity #xiaomihk

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. Typical and Atypical . #shotoniphone12promax . #hellofrom Hong Kong

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. Sanctity of Life . #hellofrom Palermo, Italy . . #EOSR5 #EOSRsystem #BornToDiscover #CanonHK

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. What's the home you're dreaming of? . I always have a sight to look for some inspirations from foreign interiors during travelling overseas so that I can make it happened for my future home! What’s your #WOLDreamHome too? Now, it’s your turn. You can now join this competition to show your dream home to us and win the prize also! Swipe up the link in my stories or click the link in my bio to win prizes of a total value of HK$60,000! (Hong Kong Region Only) .

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. Prepared a huge Christmas Tree in the town 🎄 . #hellofrom Amsterdam, Netherlands

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. Angkor Wat! You’re so beautiful😍 .

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. Home is the starting place of love, hope and dream. . Gangi makes me roused an association of the place I’ve been to. (See pic 2) . #hellofrom Gangi, Sicily

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. Choo Choo Choo in tree tunnel 🚂 .

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