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What was your first thought looking at this image? An alien invasion? 👽 Fear not, it's simply some seroiusly well-designed allotments (#kolonihave in Danish) 🏡 Allotments are really popular among us Danes - especially for those of us living in apartments in the big cities. We only get to use our allotments from April to October, so the season is coming to an end, and we'll be sure to enjoy every moment until it does - and start looking forward to next year's season ☺ P.S. Be sure to check out our Stories to watch @henrydos cool video of these unique round allotments 🌳📹 . Thanks for letting us share your photos from #greatercopenhagen @henrydo 🙏 #VisitDenmark

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Moody weather like this certainly adds to the atmosphere of charming Aalborg, making you feel like you've travelled back in time when walking around the old cobblestoned streets of Denmark's fourth largest city 🌥💕 Have you ever visited Aalborg? - Thanks for letting us share your #Aalborg moment @larsenkbh 🙏

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Autumn is creeping up on us! 🍂 This time of year is just beautiful with nature taking on the full spectrum of autumn's colours from dark green to yellow, orange, brown and various shades of red 🍁 . Thanks for letting us share your #Ringsted moment @chris.anias 🙏

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The sun is setting on my govisitdenmark takeover🌞it has been such a pleasure to show you my (@saschabendix) world. If you like what you saw, then I hope you will come and enjoy Møn and hopefully fall in love❤️with the island, just like I did. If you have already been here, then you know what I’m talking about😍 I work at @campmoensklint and you are more than welcome to contact us if you need travel advise. In stories I will show you a little bit of the accommodation🏩🏕close to the cliffs. And I didn’t forget🤪 the longest staircase in Denmark, is right by the most fantastic interactive geological exhibition center @geocentermoensklint. The staircase has 497 steps or 994, if you choose to count both down and up😅 and remember it is totally worth the effort🏃‍♀️🏆 #visitdenmark #danishtakeover Thank you all for tagging along🤩 Many greetings Sascha🤩

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I (@saschabendix) can’t help it, I keep coming back for more. This place is magic🧚🏼‍♀️ I often go sailing in front of the cliffs it is magnificent to see the dramatic white cliffs towering up in front of you. It is a nature playground like no other and I enjoy it everyday- Mountainbiking🚵🏻‍♀️ running 🏃‍♀️ fishing 🎣 and sailing ⛵️ are my favourite activities, but here is much more to do like riding, fossil hunting, kayaking, hiking etc. Please check out stories for more photos of the activities you can do here😁. By the way the staircase is the longest in Denmark. Do you know how many steps it is🤪please give your guess in the comments🙏🏽 tomorrow I will give you the right answer👌 #visitdenmark #danishtakeover

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Have you ever been to a Dark Sky Park? Today I (@saschabendix) will introduce you to the award winning Astrophotographer 🌟 Ruslan Merzlyakov @rmerzlyakov. In 2017 Møn became the first Dark Sky Park and community in Scandinavia. This was only possible because of the very low light pollution in the area. This means that the sky is so dark that you can see, what feels like, millions of stars in the night sky and the milky way looks outstanding 🌟💫⭐️🌙 2 months ago Ruslan started in an internship here in on Møn. His task is to strengthen the Dark Sky Park project a make it more visible to both the locals and visiting tourists. Yesterday he won two prizes for his photos in the “Astronomy photographer of the year awards” in London. Big congratulations to him👏 Next year I hope this photo will win, because it is my all time favourite and I hope you all also like it. Remember that the camera 📸 sees more than the eye 👁 so what you see on the photo is really there, but the human eye can not see it all. #visitdenmark #danishtakeover

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Hello👋@saschabendix calling again from Møns Klint. Today I would like to show you a photo and a video from a very special 🌞sunrise morning. This morning we sailed out from #klintholmharbour at 4 am, on a wooden boat called Ida. The boat was packed with a piano and the famous danish artist @sorenhuss. The task was to make a music video in front of the cliffs. It became a magical video. If you want to enjoy it you can find it at @moensessions Do you know the artist Søren Huss? #visitdenmark #danishtakeover

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Welcome to you all😊for the next few days I (@saschabendix) have the privilege to show you my home area, my little paradise - Møns Klint - I also call it Cold Caribbean 🏝 because of the turquoise and green colours of the water in front of the white chalk/limestone cliffs. My name is Sascha Bendix and I moved to the island of Møn from Copenhagen 16 years ago. I love Copenhagen but I have never regretted moving to Møn. This island is unique🌟 and it has recently become both a UNESCO biosphere area and a Dark Sky park and community. The island of Møn is only a 1,5 hour drive from Copenhagen. Møn has a very diverse nature and especially the eastern part of Møn with the 128 meter high and 7 km. long chalk/limestone cliffs, makes the island unique. For the next days I will show you, why I love this place❤️ Maybe you have already been here? #visitdenmark #danishtakeover

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Did you know that Denmark has a lake district? Yep, we do! 🚤 Perhaps not known to many tourists, the Lakelands is an area prized by locals and characterised by its hilly landscape (including Denmark's highest point!), forests and lakes not found elsewhere in Denmark. Cruising the spectacular lakes is a perfect way to experience the area's beauty, but if you prefer to stay on land, it's also home to some of the country's best hiking trails. . Thanks for letting us share your #Thorsø moment @buller 🙏

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Just a charming @visitaarhus street to add some colour to your Monday! 😍🌈 - Thanks for letting us share your #Aarhus moment @juliadentphoto 🙏

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@oprrosti ran into some chatty locals out for a stroll in the Marselisborg Deer Park 🌳 Located just south of Denmark's second city, @visitaarhus, the Deer Park is a popular green escape for relaxing walks and Sunday picnics. As @oprrosti said it, if you're ever visiting Aarhus, "you know where to go 🦌 such a gem". Protip: don't miss #TheInfiniteBridge, which is sitting by the coast nearby! - Thanks for letting us share your #Marselisborg moment @oprrosti 🙏 #VisitDenmark

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A drive along the coast just north of @visitcopenhagen will take you past many picturesque spots and gems like this adorable yellow cottage, which houses a restaurant called exactly that, 'The Yellow Cottage' (@dengulecottage) 🏡💛 Close by is also the wonderful Jægersborg Deer Park and several iconic buildings by the famous Danish architecht, Arne Jacobsen, who used to live in this area. Time for a little roadtrip? 🚙 - Thanks for letting us share your #Klampenborg moment @prabjotkaurd 🙏 #VisitDenmark

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