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Summer 2020 Swim with girl crush @fridaaasen

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Poised on the Bay of Biscay’s most picturesque coves, Santander looks more like Scotland than Spain. Lush green hills are silhouetted by the jagged Picos de Europa mountain range. Get our Spain travel guide at the link in bio. #tlpicks courtesy of @viajaentusofa

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teefies!⠀ By @roligore inspired by @taykellersfx⠀ -⠀ #toothnails #9gag

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MAJOR BROW Is Now Restocked On Patrickta.com @matthewnoszka Is Wearing My “Clear” Shapping Wax . @patricktabeauty

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@axellepros glam with our shape tape 16-hr vegan concealer in 37G medium-tan golden is EVERRRRYTHING! 😍😍😍 #crueltyfree #rethinknatural #shapetapenation #doubledutybeauty

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With the owner holding a pillow underneath this little hamster made it all the way to the top 🐹😂| Video by @mokuchan

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From a spike in seed sales to long lines at nurseries, gardening is definitely having a moment during quarantine In this episode of #OneSmallStep @lucybiggers speaks with expert gardener Kevin Espiritu (@epicgardening) about how to grow your own food at home 🥕🍅 #howto #garden #gardening

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The technique used is called Forced Perspective, it manipulates human visual perception through the use of scaled objects and the correlation between them and the vantage point of the camera. This technique is used also in modern cinema in films like The Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter! . “Safety Last!” 1923 “Modern Times” 1936

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Hit the link in our bio to see our latest interview and style shoot with @connorswindells star of hit @netflix show @sexeducation which returns to screens January 17th. Photography @willbremridge Art direction and styling @lukesampson Interview @rickyyyjones Grooming @bobbierossmua Stylist’s assistant @andrewburling #menswear #mensfashion #mensgrooming #mensstyle

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Really cool photo of our dear friend @etemozuturk 👌🏽 #menwithstreetstyle

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{ 🚲 🌱 } • The bicycle, green since 1791. Northern Italy needs to clean up its air for years, we all already knew it. There is much discussion these days about investing on cycle paths in some cities of the Po Valley. Now is the right time, Italy. I made this photo in Trastevere, some Spring ago, with my friend @doinacaraus #cyclelife #whatitalyis

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Keep It Sexy As Heel 🔥⁠⠀ Search: Top Trend Heeled Sandals⁠⁠⠀ Tag your fire fit with @FashionNova #FashionNova and you might get featured on our page like @carolinepigat!⁠⠀ ✨www.FashionNova.com✨

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