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Like so many of you, I’ve been spending most of my time researching how I can use this space to help amplify black voices. Today, I put together a list of black-owned fashion brands that we can all support not only today, but for the long-term (remember, we have to make a PERMANENT IMPACT on black lives and businesses, so keep those brands on your radar for good!). I know I’m not the first person doing that here (and hopefully not the last), but I want to take every opportunity to use this platform to amplify this message and empower black businesses. . There is also a link on my bio for a Google doc with a list of petitions you can sign today and institutions you can donate to right now. Make sure you check that out. . Also just posted on my stories (and will leave this frame also on my highlights) the link to a spreadsheet to a list of a variety of black-owned restaurants in NYC for us to support and order from! I couldn’t tag all brands because of the limit (and not more than 9 for some random reason) but here are the ones that weren’t tagged, in order: @fenoel @pyermoss @kintunewyork @galeriela @hanifaofficial @auveretruegold @tactilematter @riotswim @mowalola @tongorostudio @andreaiyamah @brothervellies @kahmune @thirdcrown @glemaud @onyiiandco #blackownedbusiness #blackowned

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Muted. 🖤

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Spent all day today reaching out to as many people as I could and reading as much as I could to be more educated and see how I could use this platform to support this fight against racism and for justice. To support institutions that are fighting for justice and equality, we at @shop.dyad are donating 10% of our profits to the following institutions: @naacp @mnfreedomfund and @aclunationwide during the month of June. And while we understand that our impact as a small business might be limited, being silent was not an option! We stand with you fighting for justice and equality. If you have the resources, it is not enough to only share BLM posts on your stories. I know those are tough times and a lot of people have been laid off, but please, If you can, donate to institutions that are making a difference too. Educate yourself: watch documentaries and read books to understand this moment we’re going through. I’m starting with Americanah and Freedom Riders. Support black owned businesses - I’m highlighting some of them on my stories. Try to make a difference and be an active voice in the industry you operate. Hold your family members and friends accountable! Special thanks to @shannonmichele and @saheedatabdul, who taught me so much this morning. ❤️

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This is simply a conversation that we cannot ignore anymore. It’s just not enough to not be racist, we need to actively use our voices against it. If you’re privileged, it is your duty to take an active role in fighting injustice and going beyond the ‘just not taking part in it’! Find ways that you can take action and be an active voice against injustice and in the fight for #blacklives It all starts with making the right voting decisions choosing leaders that stand with us in this fight! #georgefloyd #ahmaudarbery and #breonnataylor need JUSTICE! This is a fight we ALL need to engage in!

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Quick stroll biking out of my neighborhood for the first time in months and managed to get to soho ❤️ wore the mask the whole time and only took it out for this picture, and still kept a safe distance from other people... going out for this sanity stretch after all these months of isolation just made such an impact on my overall mood and energy! Can’t wait to be able to actually sit down and have a meal at my favorite spots... what’s the first thing you guys want to do once this is all over?

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Quarantine day 7163829174: now I have cool PJs 👯‍♀️

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Despite everything, still excited for this summer ❤️ who’s rushing to an airplane as soon as borders open? 🙋‍♀️

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Self-care Sunday getting ready for the ‘almost’ official beginning of summer season tomorrow 😜 any cool plans for Memorial Day that include social distancing? 😅

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🥑🥑🥑🥑 are you guys planning anything fun for this Memorial Day weekend? I’m desperate for ideas 😂😅

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First ‘longer’ walk (actually 20 min) in almost 2 months... 🙏 just took the mask off for 1 min, but it feels real good to see some signs of ‘normalcy’ again... how do you guys feel about photos outside now? ✨ how’s everyone feeling today?

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Wednesday face mask and lounge moment ✨ using my @crabtreeandevelynnyc Pulp mask that’s been saving my skin lately! I use it twice a week 👌

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My favorite white summer dresses for you guys to start getting inspired 😜 I also picked some options for this season, go to the link in bio to see ❤️

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