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It’s only the end of October and I miss these kisses terribly 💞 I definitely go through fawn withdrawals 🥴 This was my first fawn season in my new home. Lots of learning on how to use the space. This weekend I’m going to be adding another enclosure for the outside pen. I’ll take lots of photos and videos for you because your support is allowing me to cross off my projects from my wish list 🙏Thank you so much for your generosity and all the purchases from my Etsy shop! Hope you all enjoy this year’s calendar 🥰 #loveyouguys #gratefulheart #bestnonpayingjobever

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Apparently there is another Bean out there in Instagram world 😄 so I would now like you to meet Sir Twitch, Twitch for short 🤩 He’s either sleeping or moving so fast I think of @sirtwitchalot who makes me smile with his dancing. I also wish I could fall asleep as fast and in any position 🤷🏼‍♀️ A quick reminder... many of you have Etsy items in your carts, if you truly want the items please follow through with transaction. Having them in your card does not save you one. Also don’t forget your calendar, I have many projects going on and the sales help with cost. I’ll share some photos this weekend 👍🏻 #thankyou #volunteer #bestnonpayingjobever

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Bessie’s body couldn’t fight any longer. I’m grateful I could help her pass peacefully instead of slowly outside in the cold. She was warm, out of pain, several warm meals for her fragile body and comfortable till the end. A goodbye kiss on her forehead when she said goodbye.... this never gets easier, no matter how many times I try to detach myself, it’s impossible when you look into those amazing brown eyes 💔 #heartbroken #bestnonpayingjobever #theydeservebetter

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Little Bean is doing well. Pretty much sleeps and nurses all day, loves to be cozy and warm. Thank you to everyone who has bought items from my Etsy shop. My calendar is my biggest fawn-raiser every year. I hate having to promote it or even asking for help but I am a volunteer. Rehabbing fawns is very expensive along with the other little critters that come through my door. Every $1.00 I’m extremely grateful for. I’ve seen rehabbers throw figures out there ranging $500-800 “per” fawn. I’m not sure about those numbers so I have been working on my own list of cost. I want to be as accurate as possible before I share with you. My biggest concern is always letting you know where your support is going, THANK YOU 💞 #loveyouguys #bestnonpayingjobever #littlemouse

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Bessie is an old soul. She’s skin and bones, very weak, her skin is hanging.... Usually when they are this malnourished and laying down not able to support their weight, there is no hope but I’m taking a chance because she is still standing. I’m doing everything possible for her condition but she’s not well. It’s always hard to say what causes them to become so frail this time of year, could be age, sickness, old wounds etc... Bessie is resting comfortably, she will need many positive thoughts 🙏 #bestnonpayingjobever #thoughtsandprayers

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Thank you @aaronsklener for saving this little one at work. It’s been a tough week but seeing everyone’s post with their calendars, sweatshirts, mugs etc... have made me feel very much loved! Thank you for all the support you give to the fawns ❤️ Etsy Shop link is in my profile if you would like to help all the wildlife in my care. #thankful #loveyouguys #bestnonpayingjobever #littlemouse

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I haven’t seen Scooby or Darla since October 12😞 I pray they are ok. Unfortunately I can’t keep them on my property or surrounding property..... Twilight seems a little lost but she is still with Maggie, GiGi, Frick and Frack. I was sitting by the creek today and Twilight walked up behind me. I don’t touch her but she knows me and my smelly deer coat.. I watched her walk down to the creek bed where GiGi and Maggie were waiting. #bestnonpayingjobever #sad

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The twosome are now “Frank” and Huey!! For those who don’t know, Farrah is a buck😅 He was so beautiful with his long, flowing hair I immediately started calling him Farrah (without checking 😬) Every time I tried too change it, I couldn’t!!! I transferred both yesterday to aunt Kate’s @noras.ark Kate’s not use to the name Farrah so it was easier to change to Frank👍🏻 I wanted to winter over Huey because his digestive system has been compromised since day one, I wanted to keep an eye on him during the winter. Huey was cared for by caring people but unfortunately used the wrong formula for over a week, which is huge for a newborn. I brought them both to Kate’s because when I put Nellie in the pen they were both huge bullies😠 Also for those who don’t know, this is the famous Nanny Cat!!! She is the fawn protector at Noras Ark. she has an amazing motherly personality/protector!!! They are both a little drowsy in the video so I’m sure they have no clue what this little black cutie is🥰 #bestnonpayingjobever

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Happy Sweetest Day💞 Not just for your sweetie, spread a little love and kindness today (safely of course 😉) Don’t forget your calendar in my Etsy Shop, also lots of new items (link in profile) 🦌 Have a great day!!! #bestnonpayingjobever #thankyou #lovemyinstafamily

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This video shows what you’re helping me do, giving second chances. TinkerBell, Farrah, Huey and Buddy from when they were babies and now today 🙏 Calendars will begin shipping on Monday 🎉 Please be patient, Jenny @jennyp2017 volunteers her time running the Etsy Shop and it’s a lot of work filling orders 💞 If you haven’t ordered your calendar you still have time. Check out my Etsy Shop, link is in my profile. All proceeds go directly to the fawns care. #thankyou #savinglivestogether #bestnonpayingjobever

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Sorry I never post two videos so close together but honestly sometimes I do feel like SnowWhite, except I can’t get them to clean for me 😉🦌🐇🦨🐿🦃 #bestnonpayingjobever #disneylife

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When they were young and super curious 🥰 TinkerBell never liked the blue bucket 😁🤷🏼‍♀️ Thank you to everyone who has purchased from my Amazon wish list, if you send an item please put your Instagram name so I can find you💕 Also don’t forget your calendar in the Etsy Shop.... link in profile #thankyou #bestnonpayingjobever

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