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WHAT: VOLUME "Federico Herrero sees paintings everywhere, from street curbs and traffic signs to the painted trees and stones which proliferate in his native San José, Costa Rica. It is this examination of how color, shapes and signs define the urban environment that is vital to his practice as a painter. Through this consideration, he builds environments that enable him to escape the limitations of painting while still remaining in dialogue with its elemental origins." 📷: @emmaexploresart⠀ .⠀ ⠀ WHO: @crelazer Frederico Herrero ⠀ .⠀ ⠀ WHERE: James Cohan (@jamescohangallery) 291 Grand Street, New York, NY, USA⠀ .⠀ ⠀ WHEN: January 17-February 23, 2020. Tu-Sa from 10am to 6pm.⠀ .⠀ ⠀ PRICE: FREE⠀ .⠀ ⠀ FEED INSPIRATION:#jamescohan #jamescohangallery #fredericoherrero⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #FOMOfeed #newyorkcity #nyc #nycart #artwatchers #contemporaryart #modernart #artlovers #artgallery

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A new elevator @industrycity of #martinlutherkingjr by @lincolnrb . WHERE: Industry City (@industrycity) 51 35th Street, Brooklyn, NY . WHEN: 7am to 9pm daily . FEED INSPIRATION: #industrycity . . . #FOMOfeed #NYC #NewYorkCity

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WHAT: HIVE, 2008. One of Leo Villareal's iconic LED light installation lights up the Bleecker Street Subway Station. Commissioned by the MTA and installed in 2008.📷:@grr8jon . WHO: Leo Villareal (@leovillarealstudio) . WHEN: Daily . WHERE: Bleecker Street Subway Station, Lafayette Street & Bleecker Street, New York, NY . FEED INSPIRATION: ##bleeckerstation #bleeckersubwaystation #leovillareal #leovillarealstudio . . #FOMOfeed #nyc #newyorkcity #artwatchers #contemporaryart #modernart #artlovers #nycart

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We hope you stayed warm out there today! And watch out for the inevitable slush tomorrow. 📷:@danngamaldi

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WHAT: TIFFANY & CO FLAGSHIP NEXT DOOR. @tiffanyandco has moved next door for 2 years as they renovate their space. The temporary store is gorgeous and features a giant Empire State Building in their iconic blue color (please note the Blue Box Cafe is closed as well).📷 :@kiariladyboss . WHERE:  6 East 57th Street . WHEN: Thru 2022. Daily from 10am to 7pm (noon to 6pm on Sundays) . FEED INSPIRATION: #tiffanyandco #tiffanysnyc #tiffanys . . . . #fomofeed #nyc #newyorkcity #immersive #popup #nycpopup #popupnyc

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WHAT: STORY: FEEL GOOD. The narrative-driven concept store STORY (@story) at Macy’s has a new theme (in partnership with @iamwellandgood)! They are decoding wellness to help you find more energy, balance, and nourishment. The experience features an immersive meditation station (in partnership with @calm), a mystical tarot-inspired space, and a mini-market packed with fresh nutritious finds. Additionally, throughout the month there will be (free) events and activities. See below for some examples and RSVP online at macys.com/story to attend across all 36 locations. . Mocktail Mixology, Wed 1/29, 6 – 8 pm . Quick Manis, 2/15, 2- 5 pm . Journaling + Meditation, 2/26, 6- 8 pm . . WHERE:  Macy’s (@macys) 34th Street, New York, NY (Take the shorter escalator in the middle of the first floor to reach the STORY level . WHEN: January 16 - April 30, 2020. Same as Macys store hours: M-Th 10am to 10pm, Fri 10am to 11pm, Sat 9am to 11pm, Sun 10am to 9pm . PRICE:  FREE to enter . FEED INSPIRATION: #storyatmacys . . . . #fomofeed #nyc #newyorkcity #macys #story #immersive #popup #nycpopup #popupnyc |ad|

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WHAT: SOLO SHOW. “For his new commission at SculptureCenter, ‘Model to exhaust this place (SculptureCenter Pavilion),’ Rafael Domenech creates a large-scale modular installation in the ground floor gallery. Working with materials typically destined for construction sites, the work engages with the urban vernacular of the rapidly growing neighborhood of Long Island City.” 📷: @oneyearinparis . WHO: Artist Rafael Domenech (@rdomenech) . WHERE: SculptureCenter (@sculpturecenter) 44–19 Purves Street Long Island City, NY . WHEN: Jan 16–March 23, 2020. Thurs-Mon, 11am-6pm. Closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays . PRICE: $10 suggested contribution for entry, $5 for students. . FEED INSPIRATION: #SculptureCenter #RafaelDomenech

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WHAT: THE RUNWAY CHALET AT THE POOL BAR. A cozy, 1960s après ski-themed winter getaway has popped up on the rooftop of the TWA Hotel--complete with a vintage fireplace! The heated and tented rooftop bar serves seasonal cocktails (try the Idlewild Hot Toddy: spiced rum and hot apple cider garnished with a cinnamon stick) and warming fare. Also, FONDUE. PLUS, the adjacent infinity pool is heated through the winter months (95 degrees or warmer). No fee for the pool required (for hotel and non-hotel guests) thru the winter months. . WHERE: Terminal 5, JFK . WHEN: Daily from 11 AM  to 11 PM . PRICE: Free to enter. Check website for more info on food and drinks. . FEED INSPIRATION: #twahotel #twahotelpoolbar #runwaychalet . . . #FOMOfeed #nyc #newyorkcity #jfk #twa

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WHAT: CANDY INSTALLATION. A new cute installation by Robyn Blair has popped up on the 7th floor of @bergdorfs. 📷:@gigigaoyang for @fomofeed . WHO: Robyn Blair (@byrobynblair) . WHEN: Thru the end of February 2020.  Daily from 10am to 8pm (11am to 7pm on Sundays) . WHERE: Bergdorf Goodman (@bergdorfs) 754 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 7th Floor . PRICE: FREE . FEED INSPIRATION: #byrobynblair #robynblair . . #FOMOfeed #nyc #newyorkcity #artgallery #artwatchers #contemporaryart #modernart #artlovers #nycart #immsersiveart #popup #nycpopup #popupnyc #immersive #immersivexperience

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WHAT: WAVE-FIELD. Featuring eight seesaws of varying sizes, Wave-Field’s main intention is to give people agency over the urban site the artwork inhabits. All spectators, whether active or passive, are immersed in a heteromorphic soundscape, forming an undulating field that fluctuates between surprising syncopations and abstract sound expansions. Each seesaw is inhabited by a foreign entity, each with its own temperament and its own musical vocabulary. Set in motion, they burst into a menagerie of electric calls that resonate with the site’s urban pulse, blurring the boundaries between sound and landscape. . WHERE: Seaport Square, next to Pier 17 . WHEN: January 7 – March 31. Open Daily 10am to 9pm. . FEED INSPIRATION: #seaportdistrict #wavefield . . . . #FOMOfeed #nyc #newyorkcity #nycart #immersiveart #artinstallation #publicart #immersive #immersiveexperience

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WHAT: VACATION PLANET. The immersive artwork combines digital and analog art practices to present a cross-media art installation featuring real tropical plants and an ocean soundscape, combined with sun-emulating washer lights and digitally printed spheres up to 16 feet in diameter. “I want visitors to experience their own personal vacation planet by entering a ‘sun-lit’ art installation offering a summertime respite from the winter in New York City. Vacation Planet is meant to be a fun, surrealist immersive public art environment that mixes the semiotics of the tropical beach vacation with the mystery, wonder and loneliness of outer space by way of these planet-like orbs,” explains Spalter. 📷:@wallplaynetwork . WHO: Anne Spalter (@annespalter ) @wallplaynetwork . WHEN: January 11-February 2, 2020. W-Su from 11am to 7pm. . WHERE: 25 Kent Street, Brooklyn, NY . PRICE: FREE . FEED INSPIRATION: #25kent #annespalter #vacationplanet . . #FOMOfeed #nyc #newyorkcity #artgallery #artwatchers #contemporaryart #modernart #artlovers #nycart #immsersiveart #popup #nycpopup #popupnyc #immersive #immersivexperience

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WHAT: GROUP SHOW. A new group show featuring: Condo, de Kooning, Fischl, Förg, Grotjahn, KAWS, Prince, Salle, Warren, and Wool. @spakx . WHO: Pictured is by Kaws (@kaws) . WHERE: Skarstedt Gallery (@skarstedtgallery ) 19 East 64th Street, New York, NY . WHEN: January 9 -February 1, 2020. Tu-Sa from 10am to 6pm. . PRICE: FREE . FEED INSPIRATION: #skarstedtgallery #kaws . . . . #FOMOfeed #newyorkcity #nyc #nycart #artwatchers #contemporaryart #modernart #artlovers #artgallery

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