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Governors Island Reopening! . Lower Manhattan’s backyard is reopening July 15th! Governors Island will officially reopen to the public next week with a new reservation system for ferries. It’s a  great socially distant space to play and picnic.  . Public art installations will also remain on view, such as The May Room by @shantellmartin. Please note that right now only the outside is viewable (beautiful pic by @artworldnyc). The inside should be opening soon (swipe for a peek by @comwu), and Cabin from Rachel Whiteread. Food and beverage vendors will also be open to visitors. . Visitors will be able to reserve tickets in advance starting today through the new online system, with a limited number of tickets available for purchase in person to control capacity. Round-trip tickets cost $3 for adults and will be free for riders age 12 and younger, & IDNYC holders.  Masks required on the ferry at all times. www.govisland.com . . . . #fomofeed @governorsisland #governorsisland #reopening #nyc #newyorkcity #socialdistancing #cityscape #skyline #manhattan #shantellmartin

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SUPREMACY:  WHO PROTECTS ME FROM YOU? A mural project that sparks conversation around the concept of supremacy and addresses the systemic oppressions & violence BIPOC’s families and communities are fighting to end. The first of the series speaking to the judicial arm of government is now on-view in the Brooklyn Navy Yard on Flushing Avenue between Washington and Waverly Aves. . Check it out and add to the conversation now through the summer. #whoprotectsmefromyou . Artists: Julian Alexander (@slanginc) & Steven Irby (@stevesweatpants) . Curator: Khadijat Oseni (@jetsetterproblems) . 📷: Cesarin Mateo @iamcesarin . . . . @blklivesmatter #blacklivesmatter #blm #nojusticenopeace

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. . We’re sharing this powerful video to keep the momentum of this movement going. Created by the amazingly talented poet @s00phiiee , with help from @sheisbrea @themreport @qutangclan @sixteenstone @crisepnyc @dajahlei @xmarkthisspot @durweezy @surfresh. The poem is titled “How Do I Survive This?”. . If you’re looking for more tangible ways to keep up the fight, consider sharing, signing, donating, attending, and volunteering for each of the following, if you haven’t already: . Go to justiceforbreonna.org to sign the petition, get contact info for demanding action from reps, and to find links to fundraisers for her case. (link in our stories as well) . Go to @justiceforelijahmcclain and click the link in their bio for petitions, fundraisers, and reps to contact by phone or email. (link in our stories) .   There’s a violin vigil for Elijah McClain tonight at 8:30pm at the Washington Square Park fountain with a moment of silence at 9:15. Anyone who plays a string instrument is welcome to join in harmonizing (check @yozart for the song list). Everyone else bring a candle. . Go to @confrontingjuly4 for details on an upcoming demonstration to honor the contributions of Black and Indigenous activists, and to celebrate a new way of thinking about Independence Day in America. Link in their bio to a fundraiser for event expenses - they want to pay their speakers, artists, and activists for their hard work. Imagine that! (link in our stories) . There are countless ways to take action right now, the important thing is to DO SOMETHING in addition to posting, discussing, and reflecting. If you know of additional actions, please share in the comments! . . @blklivesmatter #blacklivesmatter #blm #justiceforbreonnataylor #justiceforelijahmcclain

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Happy Pride from FOMOfeed! . (Beautiful flower installation by @floratorium @picandpetal @wifenyc on the NYC Aids Memorial at 75 Greenwich Ave). . . . #pride #pride2020 #loveislove #happypride

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FOMOfeed has been quiet, but our followers know we've never been afraid to take a stand when it comes to respecting human rights - an act that is beyond being merely political. . The obvious reality is, we know our place in contrast with the activists, organizers, and educators doing essential work right now. We've intentionally left space in your feed for their words and images, rather than watering it down with our own. . While refusing to be yet another brand that posts a performative, toothless declaration, and while also recognizing the harm that silence causes, we must make it abundantly clear that Black lives matter to us, and they always have. Black art matters. Black creators matter. . The very purpose of FOMOfeed is to introduce, highlight, and partner with creatives of all backgrounds that might otherwise go unnoticed; including and importantly, Black creatives. . Our passion has always been to shine a light on the overlooked beauty of New York City, but right now, the most beautiful thing about this city is the long overdue movement taking place on its streets. . There are more important accounts than this one amplifying that beauty. If you're not following them already, drop everything right now: @mvmnt4blklives , @karawalkerofficial, @justiceforgeorgenyc, @thebrookladelphian , @nyjusticeleague , @michaelnoblejr , @lyricleroux , @shawnmpridgen , @blacksurfingrockaway and of course, @blklivesmatter and @blmgreaterny (please feel free to add more in comments). . We know a better, more humane, more vibrant city will emerge from this all, and we look forward to sending you back out to explore it when it's time. Until then, stay strong and keep fighting. . . . . Photo by: @filipwolak at Restoration Plaza (Fulton/New York Ave)

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There’s a new mural up by @tristaneaton in collaboration with @montefiorehealthsystem to honor “all of our brave nurses. Now and forever. We thank you for healing New York.” . Located on 35th and 8th. . 📷:@nycmorgan . . . #fomofeed #newyorkcity #nyc #tristaneaton #clapbecausewecare #nystrong #StreetArt #Streetartnyc #nycstreetart #streetartphotography #streetarteverywere #graffitiart #nycart

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@floratorium has teamed up with @picandpetal & @taylorskyeflowers for an epic flower installation in honor of Mother's Day and all of our essential workers, doctors, nurses and patients fighting through this pandemic. “When we stick together we can overcome anything.” . . . #fomofeed #newyorkcity #nyc

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New York Strong ♥️💪 . There’s tough, and then there’s New York Tough. . Rockefeller Center’s powerful new plaza messaging. We got this NYC 💪 . Thank you for sharing your amazing pic: @beckitybeck . #stayhome #staysafe . #FOMOfeed @rockefellercenter #rockefellercenter #newyorkcity #newyork #nyc #nytough #nystrong #nycphotography

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@spakx for #FOMOFeedAtHome . Hi friends! I’m joining @fomofeed ‘s #fomofeedathome project to share what I have been doing to keep sane during this social distancing time. Hopefully this will help give you some ideas during this tough time! . . 1. Exercise - Since I’m stuck inside, I’ve been trying my best to keep active. I’ve been running/speed walking on my treadmill every morning & evening. I’ve also recently added stretching & sit ups right before I go to bed. I feel like since I’ve been doing that, it makes me more conscious of what I eat throughout the day. . 2. Cooking/Baking - I’ve been cooking & baking up a storm. I’ve made anything from shrimp summer rolls to banana bread. Trying to use up the food/ingredients in the kitchen is hard, but Google definitely helps a lot when trying to figure out what to make! My recent favorite thing to make is Dalgona Coffee (whipped coffee) or Dalgona Matcha Lattes (whipped matcha latte). . 3. Art/DIY - I love art & it’s been hard with social distancing not being able to go out & explore all the art in NYC. To fulfill the hole that exploring art previously did, I have been attempting to create my own art. I’ve been coloring nonstop (so many street artists that I admire have created free downloadable coloring pages that you can print out). I’ve recently have gotten into tie dying! I just bought a new tie dye kit & I’m excited to create new pieces of clothes! . 4. Movies/Documentaries - Like almost everyone else, I have been binging a lot of movies & documentaries. I recently just watched Onward on @disneyplus & I loved it. . 5. Clean/Organize - While you’re binging on that movie or tv show, why not start cleaning out things? That’s what I’ve been doing! I just cleaned out my closet & plan on donating a ton of clothes. I’ve also set aside my gently used clothes (& clothes that I’ve never even worn before!) to send to @thredup & @buffaloexchange . . It’s kind of crazy how I went from exploring NYC almost everyday to being at home every single day. But this is only temporary & we will all get through this! Hopefully everyone is staying safe and healthy. And remember to be kind to everyone! . 📷: @frankape & @sacsix

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Citywide Sing-Along 🎵🎶 . Tonight New Yorkers are not only applauding the healthcare & front line heroes from their windows, but are also coordinating a citywide sing-along to help bring people together with the healing power of music. . Tonight, Thursday April 23rd, New Yorkers are planning a citywide sing-along to the Bill Withers song, “Lean on Me.” . The sing-along begins at 7:02pm directly following the nightly #ClapBecauseWeCare ritual. . To help everyone synchronize, local radio station WBAI will broadcast the track on 99.5 FM and on their website, www.wbai.org. (Click on the ‘listen live’ box). . Let’s hear you New York! 🎵🎶 . #clapbeacusewecare #newyorksingsalong . . . . #FOMOfeed #clapbecausewecare #healthcareheroes #medicalsuperheroes #heroes #singalong #nycsingalong #thankyouhealthcareworkers #nyc #newyork #newyorkcity #newyorkstrong @timessquarenyc #timessquare

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@amandapetersen for #FOMOFeedAtHome . We get asked a lot why we stayed in nyc. How (why) are 5 people surviving in 600 sq. ft.? The truth is, tiny or not, being home together is the easiest part of life right now. These walls protect us in every possible way, and I couldn’t imagine anywhere else that could give all of that to all of us right now. On Saturday we took the kids for a walk- the first time out together in 5 weeks. Turns out, it was the most uncomfortable walk we’ve taken in the 4 years we’ve lived here. The streets and sidewalks were quiet, and everyone we passed had their faces covered. (I never anticipated how unnerving it could be for every human to have a covered face.) We turned a corner and found ourselves outside the hospital with double-wide refrigerated morgues— trailers and white tents— parked in the street. When we got home the kids said they never wanted to leave again: “home feels safe.” I can’t wait to get out of these walls- to eat and schlep and explore and sweat and play and repeat 1,000x over. There are a million things I miss about being a wave in the current of the city, but for now, but no matter how much I love the city outside, maybe the best thing about this city-home of ours is that our tiny, squishy apartment-home is the most important place of all. (But really though, I CANNOT WAIT TO GET OUT AGAIN.) . Pic is from Martin Creed’s show “The Back Door” at @parkavearmory, June 2016 . . . #fomofeed #nyc #newyork #newyorkcity #ilovenyc #nystrong #nycstrong #stayhome #staysafe #martincreed #parkavenuearmory #parkavearmory

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Happy Earth Day! Throwing it back to @sebastianstudios installation that was a live stream of the earth from space. . . . #fomofeed #nyc #newyorkcity #earthday #sebastianstudio

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