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It’s quiet out here

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Happy birthday Cavan! I loved you then, I love you now. Endlessly. Thank you for being not only an amazing sister, but also friend. Thank you for being my partner in crime and for all the years of giggles, meaningful talks, and more giggles. I hope your birthday is filled with all things beautiful and full of fun. Just like you. Love you! @cavanmulligan

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Moonrise moonset.

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That golden morning hour.. writing, gathering thoughts and feelings, stretching, hot coffee, and cuddling with June. .. and views of mountains to climb. It’s magic.. . . .

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“the wind is the moon’s imagination wandering it seeps through cracks explores the unknown and ripples the grass my love is my soul’s imagination” Saul Williams

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White Sands dreamy golden light.

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Two doofs trying to use the self timer

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Dawn to dusk

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Happy new year! Here’s some pretty sunrises and dope animals from the past few days. Be kind to yourselves this year 💕

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This noble steed in the background has already left Cape Cod and gone through 12 states in less than a week. Time to slow down on my favorite farm with my favorite family in Alabama. ❤️

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Holding steady

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It’s getting cozier up In here

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Getting my Home for the next 4 months ready .

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A December scene.

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Finding beauty daily.

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Rooted but drifting

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