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According to the locals that guided us here, this is the tallest natural arch in the world. After internet research, it seems like this is in fact, the tallest natural arch, at 180meters ( 590ft). Mexico continues to deliver the wow-factor. @jess.wandering 🏄‍♀️

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When we jumped in the water it was cloudy... I remember looking up to the sky and not seeing a break in the clouds... thinking, man, might not get the rays again. I’ve been hoping for this shot for a few years now.. the conditions had just never lined up. Needs to be right time of year, right time of day, and full sun. Our initial decent was in a dimly lit abyss, coming back up we were greeted with 100 ft of beaming light. In my privileged bubble, it felt like a small miracle. 🤿: @shaiden @katieauer @jess.wandering

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These two unfiltered moments represent our Mexican travel best. One hour we had a surreal swimming hole to ourselves - even the birds shared our excitement. The next we realized that our hotel room was infested with arachnids the size of our hands. Hopefully they didn’t make it to the bed. @jess.wandering Anybody know what kind of bug this is?

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More abstract than usual, but I liked the Peter Pan on the moon feeling here. 90ft (27m) deep into Cenote El Pit we reached a glowing hydrosulfide cloud, caused by noon day sun beaming to the bottom of the cave. ISO 1600 16mm f4 1/80sec 🤿: @jess.wandering @shaiden @katieauer

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Fav part of the photo is our guide passed out face down on the right side. We spent a while droning so he took a nap. @jess.wandering

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Sounds weird but I don’t smile that much... not that I’m not happy, I just don’t show it. And very rarely do I have documentation of a genuine smile like this .

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Memories of Florida.. been working on the new van for 3 months now, I’m trying to determine what my first trip should be.. was thinking Alaska for fall, but the Canada border situation isn’t looking good. What’s an underrepresented state to hit?

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I’ve been chasing the perfect shot full time for the past 5 years. Got close a few times, but never achieved the elusive satisfaction.. I’m just now putting it together, that the impressive landscape doesn’t make the shot.. golden light is good to look at, but easily forgotten. I glaze over technically perfect photos everyday. I prefer the full story, with unstablized footage, and screaming kids in the background.. more character and flaws, and depth. My early experiences shaped my mind, and influence everything I create today. Luckily, I have some good ones to build off of. I remember the first slot canyon I squeezed thru, hoping I wouldn’t get stuck and there’d be an exit on the other end.. but what left the biggest impression on me was when I climbed out of the slot, and the it looked normal and flat up there. The reality of a hidden world beneath my feet fed my imagination.. This is an attempt to show the hidden world below. Haven’t had this much fun bringing a concept to life in a while.

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Home in an oversized pinecone.. amazed at the craftsmanship put into this livable art made by @o2treehouse ... swipe for the entryway experience.

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6:30am on the Bayou, waiting for the alligators to wake up. @jess.wandering

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Deep in the iphone archives, found some Chinese memories.

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In partnership with @djiglobal #mavicair2 • love the way first light hits the moss. This was a tougher shot to get than expected... when flying thru normal trees if you hit a leaf or a branch a lot of times you can continue to fly. But, when you hit a string of this moss, the drone instantly catches and falls. Maintaining line of sight is the big challenge, because the current is much stronger than it looks. Ended up positioning the drone where I wanted my first frame to be, and paddling up stream to let the current drift me into line of sight for a fleeting few seconds... While coordinating @jess.wandering ‘s paddling, trying to keep her center frame, as I track the drone flying in reverse. Shot in tripod mode, w/ deactivated sensors. #upyourgame

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