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So many dirt roads to explore out here in the SouthWest 👐 Putting the new #ChevyTrailblazer and it’s off road capabilities to the test for the next few days. #ad @chevrolet

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A lot of clouds, some trees, and a mountain. Enough to make a grown man cry.

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**Giveaway** It’s kind of an endless joke that I’ve only owned one pair of pants for the last 6 years... @coalatree was the first ever brand that reached out to me back when I lived out of my Corolla . These are my fav pants because they can pretty much pull off any activity , and look like they belong.. from highlining , to completing the Napoleon Dynamite costume. They’ve served me well. We’re giving away 10 pairs of these pants to you guys - Be sure to follow @everchanginghorizon and @coalatree and Tag some friends who would put em to good use ! 👖 👍 The 10 winners will be randomly selected from the comments, and announced by this Wednesday, Dec 3.

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We stopped by Multmomah Falls on the way to Utah. It was pouring rain, this is what it looked like. I wanted Jess to go out to the middle of the bridge with a super cool red umbrella, but they closed it cause Covid.

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I see an 8... what do you see?

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Hitting the narrow section of the trail, we crossed a lady that was laying face down, spread eagle, in the middle of the trail . We asked if she needed help, but she didn’t acknowledge us... just kept repeating, “I can do this” under her breath, as she army crawled back to more solid ground. Betcha she’ll be telling that story for years. 🏃@jess.wandering @wittywhitaker14 @tymiff @kyle.oertel Shot with GoPro Max on a @fpolev . **I didn’t use a drone - drones are illegal in National Parks. Song: “The Valley of The Pagans” by: Gorillaz + Beck

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It was a sunny 85 degrees in Zion today.. Spent some time chillin by the Virgin River w @jess.wandering . 🌞

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Trying to keep a straight face, while flaunting my skills to the neighbors. 2020 does suck, but with a some concentrated effort, and goofiness, it can suck less. Inspired by @doggface208 ‘s viral hit . #NapoleonDynamite #halloween Song: Fleetwood Mac “dreams”

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Dream conditions, with Rainier in the distance ... time lapse shot with Mobile by @PeakDesign , swipe to see detail on how low profile and easy this tripod is to use . #findyourpeak #sponsored @jess.wandering Song by: Phoebe Bridgers

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Progression of cars I’ve lived in: 2014: moved into my 2001 Toyota Corolla, slept in a sleeping bag beside the car. Pros: cheap, inconspicuous, great gas mileage. Low point: woke up with a moose next to me in the Canadian Rockies. 9/10 would recommend, awesome budget choice. 2016: got my first van (video number 1). $4000, 1985 Toyota Spacevan. Converted it in 2 days. Was broke down 90% of the time. It marked a low point in my career. Swore off vanlife at that time. 2/10. 2017: 2005 Honda Element salvage title ~ $5000. Stealthy, and more space than you’d think. Bad gas mileage. Decent off-road. Overall 7/10. 2018: purchased already built 2005 sprinter with money from photography ~ $39k. Took 3 years of working on the road to develop a savings. I was amazed how livable the van was. Being able to stand, lay and cook with a roof over my head at night saved me from creative burnout. 2019: (video 2) wanted to build my own Promaster after living in the sprinter full time for a year. Dedicated 2 months to it, called in help, because it was a lot tougher than expected. Ended up costing about $55k. Drove it thru South America, covid hit. 2020: (video 3) built van number 4 in quarantine. Figured I’d use the ample free time to obsess over design and build everything . 2019 Sprinter 4x4. End cost: about $90k + 5 months of my time. This has been my equivalent of climbing the corporate ladder. In 2014 I’d see nice vans and dream. My last 3 builds have all been 10/10 experiences in relation to the amount of money I spent on them. Meaning the van I’m laying in right now is 3x better than the first sprinter, as the price suggests. (main things you pay for: reliability, capability, functionality). It’s easy for me to justify the high price because the years of struggle were specifically spent to get to where I’m at now, and I use it every single day. Live within your means, define your life direction, own only what you need, share what you learn along the way. Video 1 🎶: Beck “hell yes” Video 2 🎶: Kurt Vile “lost my head there” Video 3 🎶: Moderat “a new error”

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Laying here in my van, it can get pretty silent . Sometimes it hits me.. Im in my thirties, and live in a car. Not married, no kids, and no grand plan for the future. But man, am I rich in stories.

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