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Dad and Father

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on a walk with my mom she also hates when I take photos of her

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The 3 best friends that anyone could have

10 days ago 0
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pissing alone;/ pissing with the homies:D

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The sleeves a work in progress

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Got this custom double sided couch made special for twins. When we’re fighting, we sit on opposite sides, when we love each other we sit on the same side. We’re fighting rn

28 days ago 0
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After a hard, sweaty sesh on my big plank of wood

1 months ago 0
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mood @ life went on a celebratory road trip today and everything went wrong. We ended up quitting and turning around 570 miles away from home. That’s where we’re at now AND a maintenance light just came on🥴 also earlier on I was pissing in a bottle and gray hit the breaks and I got fuckin soaked so I had to change my shorts on the side of the road

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Deflecting false accusations and twitter fingers with my crystal candles

2 months ago 0
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when the negative vibes come my way ✌🏻

2 months ago 0
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chef boyar-DT you already know we always got hella friends around to take photos of us all the time!

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