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#BANG 🔈💥 with my boy @whoisconway ! LISTEN - link in bio

1 months ago 8K
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They’ve been PATIENTLY WAITING for the new one with me, @50cent and @teddysphotos #RememberTheName – link in bio

1 months ago 18K
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D’elia Doesn’t play me... I PLAY D’ELIA! #Homicide - link in bio - @logic @chrisdelia

2 months ago 18K
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Back again…  Abu Dhabi Oct 25 - Tickets on sale Noon GST

2 months ago 16K
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Crack a bottle! #RELAPSE 10TH ANNIVERSARY - hit the link in bio to stream + grab a limited shirt

3 months ago 9K
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Me and @chrisdelia are gonna battle one day #Homicide @logic

4 months ago 8K
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Man, stop.  #Homicide @logic @chrisdelia - Link in bio

4 months ago 16K
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🔪🔪🔪@logic #homicide #Repost @logic ・・・ Homicide ft. @eminem. Available everywhere Friday.

4 months ago 17K
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“You thought I was ill, now I’m even more so.” #SSLP20 Anniversary Capsule live now #StillDontGiveAFuck - Link in bio

4 months ago 9K
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TBT to ‘99! Just didn’t & still don’t give a fuck. Check the vintage tour shirt reissue and the full #SSLP20 Capsule on the site. Drops tomorrow. Link in bio

4 months ago 3K
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"I wanted to show the fans that we were inside the mind of a lyrical maniacal genius” - @dannyhastings - check his #SSLP20 interview on the site - Link in bio (Photo from Bad Meets Evil shoot)

4 months ago 5K
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“I even got that underground [email protected]!% you did with Skam” - relinked with @SKAM2official for #SSLP20 - read about the early days and his work on the Slim Shady LP on the site. Capsule drops Friday. Link in bio.

4 months ago 6K