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Crafted in point d’espirit with neon rose embroidery | The Rosebud Garter, Bra & Thong Panty #FLLforVS

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Who else visits libraries when they travel? Find the most beautiful libraries around the world at the link in bio. #tlpicks courtesy of @qhventures

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Own the spotlight with ROAV eyewear 😎⠀ 📹 @bahijkaddoura | Get $15 OFF your ROAV eyewear using code: 9gag4ld and enjoy 2 FREE POUCHES 👉🏻Link In Bio or https://bit.ly/9gag-roav

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The end 😂 👉🏽(via: Kevin Aldridge Jr./Facebook)

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We Love A Dramatic Cat Eye @adrianalima

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Get unBEElievable pigment with our @sugarrush bee you eyeshadow palette! 🤩🐝💛 This supersize palette has 20 creamy & pigmented shadows for endless everyday looks! @ultabeauty #sugarrush #sugarsquad

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Meet Elsa the koala joey ❄️🐨 By @australianreptilepark

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Watch this twister wreak havoc on a parking lot in South Carolina 🌪

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This scene from #Inception was created by employing a serious combination of visual and practical effects. In order to generate the explosions, the films special-effects supervisor, Chris Corbould, rigged up a series of air cannons that launched debris into the air. To achieve the right slow-motion effect, cinematographer Wally Pfister made use of a specialized camera that could capture 1,500 frames a second. Paul Franklin, the films visual-effects supervisor, employed computer graphics to extend the debris and create more of a floating effect.

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Hit the link in our bio to see our latest interview and style shoot with @connorswindells star of hit @netflix show @sexeducation which returns to screens January 17th. Photography @willbremridge Art direction and styling @lukesampson Interview @rickyyyjones Grooming @bobbierossmua Stylist’s assistant @andrewburling #menswear #mensfashion #mensgrooming #mensstyle

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Love this outfit worn by our dear friend @iammiari 👌🏽 #menwithstreetstyle

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{ Bright Dubai } • As you probably know, I’m always interested in the natural tones of the landscapes of our planet, but also in the more traditional materials that tell a culture, as in the old Dubai, made by white and warm tones, like a hidden beauty to discover. #🇦🇪 @mydubai @visit.dubai #mydubai #visitdubai

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Snatched In Vegan Leather 💋⁠⠀ Search: “My Little Secret Top”⁠⠀ Search: “Work Environment Vegan Leather Pants⁠”⁠⠀ Tag your best FN fit with @FashionNova #FashionNova and show us what youve got like @itslydboss⁠!⁠⠀ ✨www.FashionNova.com✨

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