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“For this new Parfum, I kept the powerful soul of Sauvage intact by giving it nocturnal accents, an animal attraction and some rounder facets.” Discover the Perfumer’s inspiration behind the creation. Discover more: http://on.dior.com/ig-new-sauvage-igtv #diorparfums #diorsauvage @diorsauvage

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Born and raised in the middle of the wilderness, Sri Lankan Sandalwood essence amplifies the entire composition with its smooth, creamy notes. To learn more, listen to Dior’s Perfumer-Creator, #FrançoisDemachy • #diorparfums #diorsauvage @diorparfums

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Even wilder than before, Johnny Depp is at one with nature, reconnecting with a land where boundaries are made to be pushed. • #diorparfums #diorsauvage #johnnydepp @diorparfums

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Dior reveals the new Sauvage Parfum: an extreme freshness coloured with warm oriental hues, and “wild” beauty. • #diorparfums #diorsauvage @diorparfums

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THE NEW SAUVAGE. Coming soon. • #diorparfums #diorsauvage @diorparfums

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The skin of your dreams is inside this bottle. Together with @diorskincare, discover the NEW DREAMSKIN CARE & PERFECT and it’s best ally. • #skinofmydreams #diordreamskin #diorskincare

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The NEW DREAMSKIN CARE & PERFECT by @diorskincare delivers intense comfort and corrects signs of aging deep within. The skin appears smoother, more plumped and luminous. • Instantly, radiance increases by +26%. After 7 days, smoothness is improved by +19%. After 28 days, skin texture is refined by +30%. • #skinofmydreams #diordreamskin #diorskincare @caradelevingne

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The NEW DREAMSKIN CARE & PERFECT has a feel-good texture, enriched with shea butter & pure water from the French Alps. The skin-perfecting formula delivers instant & lasting correction on: wrinkles, pores, spots, redness, dryness and dull complexion. • #skinofmydreams #diordreamskin #diorskincare @diorskincare

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The NEW DREAMSKIN CARE & PERFECT is @diorskincare’s N°1 perfect skin creator. Instantly, skin glows with radiant beauty & lasting freshness. Day after day, skin quality is visibly enhanced. Effective at any age, on all skin types and tones. • #skinofmydreams #diordreamskin #diorskincare @caradelevingne

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The dream is now a reality with the NEW DREAMSKIN CARE & PERFECT by @diorskincare. A high-performance formula with more ingredients of natural origin. Concentrated in revitalizing Longoza and perfecting Opilia, to reveal smooth & radiant skin. • #skinofmydreams #diordreamskin #diorskincare

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@caradelevingne embodies flawless skin perfection with the NEW DREAMSKIN CARE & PERFECT by @diorskincare. The new age-defying skincare and perfect-skin creator is now even more hydrating & comfortable, for the perfect skin of your dreams. • #skinofmydreams #diordreamskin #diorskincare

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How-to by @peterphilipsmakeup, Creative & Image Director of Dior Makeup: how to get an intense and colorful makeup look for fall? • DIOR HYDRA LIFE SORBET CREME DIOR FOREVER 4W0 DIOR FOREVER UNDERCOVER CONCEALER 030 DIOR LIP MAXIMIZER 001 Pink FLASH LUMINIZER 003 DIORSHOW MAXIMIZER 3D DIORSHOW PUMP'N'VOLUME HD 090 Black Pump 5 COULEURS 517 Intensif-Eye DIORSHOW PRO LINER 456 Matte Lime DIOR MINERAL NUDE 06 Banana ROUGE BLUSH 783 Confident DIOR BACKSTAGE GLOW FACE PALETTE 001 UNIVERSAL ROUGE GRAPHIST 784 Draw It ROUGE DIOR ULTRA ROUGE 783 Ultra Me • #diormakeup #diorlook #diorforever #diorlipmaximizer #diorshow #rougeblush #diorbackstage #rougedior #rougediorultrarouge #makeuptutorial @diormakeup

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