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DIOR LES RÉCOLTES – JASMINE HARVEST Jasmine is harvested with great care because of its great fragility. Dior harvesters know it: the flower must be picked one by one by the stem, otherwise the petals may fall off. To preserve its five petals and detach the Jasmine flower without damaging it, one must turn the hand a quarter turn with a firm but delicate gesture. #diorparfums #diorlesrecoltes @diorparfums

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DIOR LES RÉCOLTES – JASMINE HARVEST Harvesting jasmine requires precise organization. The flowers must be picked before sunrise, to prevent the sun's rays from burning their petals and thus removing its fragrant aromas. For 3 months, the Dior harvesters arrive at 6am at the first rays of sunshine, and start picking jasmine, until about 11am. #diorparfums #diorlesrecoltes @diorparfums

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DIOR LES RÉCOLTES – JASMINE HARVEST The blossoming of Grasse Jasmine takes place during the summer, between July and October, and can even extend to November when the weather is particularly mild. This flowering in the summer requires an immediate harvest, because it is the moment when flowers release their full fragrance intensity. #diorparfums @diorparfums #diorlesrecoltes

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DIOR LES RÉCOLTES – JASMINE HARVEST Nestled between the mountains and the sea, Grasse, in southern France, is an exceptional territory with saline influences. This region, with its particular climate, gives jasmine its exceptional fragrance. More than 800 hectares of jasmine are cultivated there and give this inimitable imprint to the smell of Dior fragrances. #diorparfums #diorlesrecoltes @diorparfums

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The #DiorWinter19 collection by @MrKimJones features new sunglasses' designs such as the 'DiorForerunner', with its aviator shape, as well as a backpack in nylon with 'Cannage' embroidery sporting the #DiorSaddle signature as a pocket. Swipe to discover more! ⁠⠀ © @AnniePowers⁠⠀

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Sporting the iconic #DiorOblique signature, this tote bag from the #DiorWinter19 collection by @MrKimJones is just one of the accessories sported by our models against an artistic backdrop inspired by the atelier of Raymond Pettibon. Head to the website or to one of our boutiques worldwide to discover the full collection!⁠ © @AnniePowers⁠

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Take a glimpse at the #DiorWinter19 collection by @MrKimJones, including new accessories such as this pouch sporting one of the House’s emblematic signatures, the #DiorOblique motif.⁠ © @AnniePowers⁠

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The essential micro-nutritive duo by @diorskincare for fully regenerated and illuminated skin. (1) LA MICRO-HUILE DE ROSE pampers skin with 22 Rose de Granville micro-nutrients, boosting skin regeneration deep within. (2) The NEW LE MICRO-FLUIDE TEINT DE ROSE foundation instantly perfects dull, tired skin and creates a rose-petal glow for spectacular revitalization and exceptional radiance. AVAILABLE IN SELECT MARKETS. • #diorskincare #diorprestige @diorskincare @diormakeup

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Born from a wild rose that resists harsh maritime conditions, the Rose de Granville is the 1st rose ever created for skincare. After 7 cross breeds, @diorskincare concentrated the extraordinary micro-nutritive power of the Rose de Granville into DIOR PRESTIGE LA MICRO-HUILE DE ROSE. • #diorskincare #diorprestige #rosedegranville

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LA MICRO-HUILE DE ROSE by @diorskincare is part of an exceptional routine that is powerful and sensorial. Replenish your skin with this next-generation oil-serum formula, delivering over 20 micro-nutrients. • #diorskincare #diorprestige

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Cultivated organically and grown in open ground without fertilizer, pesticides or herbicides, the Rose de Granville blossoms year after year in the Dior gardens. • #diorskincare #diorprestige #rosedegranville @diorskincare

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Born from a wild, clifftop rose in Normandy near Christian Dior’s house in Granville, the Rose de Granville is endowed with extraordinary resilience: it is 2 times more resistant than a standard rose. • #diorskincare #rosedegranville @diorskincare

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