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In the futuristic vein mined for the #DiorSummer20 men's collection by @MrKimJones, color plays an important role. Here, in the campaign shot by Steven Meisel, the #DiorSaddle in blue gradient leather finds a correspondance in the toile de Jouy motif recreated by Kyoto artisans, and the tie-dye printed 'CD1' sneaker. The ethos of collaborative artist Daniel Arsham comes through in a cracked and weathered 'CD' ring and a duffle bag with #DiorSaddle pocket, 3D printed in limited edition. Photo by: Steven Meisel and @AnniePowers

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Marking the famed German luggage brand's first collaboration with the House, the #DiorxRIMOWA collaboration emphasizes the urban modernity of the #DiorSummer20 men's collection by @MrKimJones. Seen here in images by Steven Meisel and @AnniePowers with video by @FrankLeboner, the trademark grooved aluminum has been reborn as a set of four exclusive designs - 'Cabin' and 'Trunk' suitcases, 'Hand Case' and 'Personal' clutch - emblazoned with the #DiorOblique motif through an innovative anodizing process.

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Set against a backdrop of a DeLorean car reinterpreted by collaborative artist @DanielArsham in eroded steel pierced with quartz crystals, the Steven Meisel-lensed campaign for the #DiorSummer20 men's collection by @MrKimJones highlights the progressive evolution of the #DiorSaddle as a pocket detail or a bag in its own right, in grained leather or #DiorOblique jacquard. Translucent rubber high-top sneakers, inspired by the artist's studio shoes, tap into the same futuristic mood. ⁠⠀ Photo by: Steven Meisel and @AnniePowers⁠⠀ Film by: @FrankLeboner

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Introducing the #LadyDLite, a personalizable new embroidered version of the #LadyDior as reinvented for #DiorSS20 by @MariaGraziaChiuri. Its trademark Cannage motif relief embroidered in cotton, those characteristic handles get the same treatment, while the strap is double-face, the bag is signed with the 'Christian Dior' signature, and its charms come in a more contemporary chunky form. © @BrigitteNiedermair

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A gentle gesture of femininity and sisterhood, House stalwarts @RuthnotMay and @SelenaForrest are captured by @BrigitteNiedermair in the new #DiorSS20 campaign video. Against a backdrop evoking an herbarium, designs by @MariaGraziaChiuri are imbued with a grace and beauty that draws on the preciousness of plants and the natural world.

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Perfectly poised, model @RuthnotMay is captured by @BrigitteNiedermair as the embodiment of elegance in the campaign for the #DiorSS20 collection by @MariaGraziaChiuri - discoverable through the link in bio. Inspired by plants and Monsieur Dior's gardener sister, Catherine, sprays of flowers and branches bud and bloom not only across exquisitely feminine garments, but as embroideries across the newest iteration of the iconic #DiorSaddle, too.

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Strongly inspired not only by the independence and resilience but also the botanical expertise of Catherine Dior, Monsieur Dior's younger sister, the #DiorSS20 collection by @MariaGraziaChiuri distills the passion for flowers and growing things that has informed the House's entire identity, in fragrances as in fashion, since the very beginning. © @BrigitteNiedermair

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Initially intended to ensure that the latest hardback would always be within easy reach, the newest #DiorSS20 incarnation of the instantly iconic #DiorBookTote by @MariaGraziaChiuri is also ideal for carrying a large bouquet of freshly-cut roses from the garden. © @BrigitteNiedermair

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Lensed by regular House collaborator and friend @BrigitteNiedermair, the #DiorSS20 campaign heralds the much-anticipated arrival online and in boutiques worldwide of the collection by @MariaGraziaChiuri. Click in the link in bio to discover.

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In “Tea Parlor”, @luvalyssamiller and @koreydane retrace their first encounter. She recalls how she became hypnotized by his fragrance, how it drew them to one another like magnets. As we see them dance closely in the amber light, she breathes in his scent. #DiorHomme #ScentOfMyMan @diorparfums

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DIOR HOMME, “THE SCENT OF MY MAN” The powerful and unique scent of Dior Homme lies everywhere: Vetiver, Patchouli, Cedarwood, tobacco, leather... Discover how @luvalyssamiller brings up the memory of her encounter with @koreydane in vivid images of colors and sensations on IGTV. #DiorHomme #ScentOfMyMan @diorparfums

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In "Runaways", the 2nd episode of the “Scent of My Man” series, Dior Homme ignites through the Manhattan lens. In the city that never sleeps, we explore the intimate dimension of fragrance and the power of its imprint, diving deep into the hypnosis of Dior Homme. Like an olfactory journey through New York City, @swansam and @akram.nyc retrace the most evocative moments of their relationship. #DiorHomme #ScentOfMyMan @diorparfums

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DIOR HOMME, “THE SCENT OF MY MAN” Filmed with real-life young couples from New York, the "Scent of My Man" series is an ode to desire, showing how Dior Homme provokes something within that's spellbinding. #DiorHomme #ScentOfMyMan @diorparfums

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