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The Dillinger x @gtr.auto Panamera Sport Turismo on our tailored forged DF1’s 📷 @dreamcarswithadri

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Forged TJ1 | Available to order, DM us! With or without centerlock. Monoblock or multi-piece. Our wheels are tailored to your needs and likings.

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The awaited moment has come. We’d like to introduce our all new Forged TJ1 wheel!

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Collaboration project between Dillinger & @gtr.auto . Our partners at GTR commissioned us to build a special set of forged DF1's for this blacked out Panamera ST. Wanted to maintain the OEM look so we re-designed the exterior lip of the wheel to add the diamond cut ring over the dark satin black. First of many projects to come with @gtr.auto @dreamcarswithadri behind the camera!

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2020 RS6 waiting for these Satin Bullet Grey DF1’s. Can’t wait to show you these fitted!

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Final version! (last one we promise) Mixed up both previous renders of @kleaperm3 beast! Turned out pretty cool 😎 Original unedited by @sarahkizer

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GT3 canvas imagined sitting fat on our monoblock DF1’s Original car by @supremepower

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Started off 2020 introducing the AA1 in January, well... February is about to get as good if not better. The Dillinger TJ1 is coming Feb. 13! 😏

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There’s a 2020 RS6 in Sweden waiting for these freshly milled AA1’s to get fitted.

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Mean AF

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SV on our AA1’s | Dark Satin Bronze suits these so f***ing nicely.

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Little collab we did w/ @spoon334 !

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Performante imagined on our AA1’s. One of those love or hate specs, we love it 😍🔥 Owned by @btchudson from @carsncrypto

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Engineered art

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Dillinger DF1 x @gtr.auto | These are getting mounted this week. You can see the make of the car, can you guess the model?

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Enough RS6. What car do you wanna see with Dillinger AA1’s on?

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Where’s Wally

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