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Cozy is the name of the game around here☁️

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Creating content indoors really has me noticing little details ✨

5 days ago 0
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Full transparency: I changed back into sweats about 5 min after this @revolve @loversfriendsla #revolveme #revolvearoundthehouse

7 days ago 0
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beauties (blessings) found inside✨

8 days ago 0
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Fancy on the top, WFH on the bottom

12 days ago 0
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Sometimes, I like to dust off my bags and take them for walk around the house. Today’s pick: @oldceline

13 days ago 0
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Trying to bring golden hour indoors @revolve @h.ours #revolveme #revolvearoundthehouse

16 days ago 0
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Tbh, all I see are my shoes that need organizing behind me 👀

19 days ago 0
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LWD LBD (backlog pics btw, currently @ home😘) @revolve @lacademie #revolveme

20 days ago 0
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Leave your shoes at the door @chanelofficial

21 days ago 0
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Give me the strength🙏🏼

25 days ago 0
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Who’s ready for a *big* glass of wine after this week? 🙋🏻‍♀️ @markgongofficial #MarkGong #SS20

26 days ago 0
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