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Rwanda's got skills !! Awesome to watch @aprfcofficialaccount play @etincellesrwanda in #Kigali ! Proud that @Arsenal is working with young footballers to grow the game in this beautiful country. Young gunner Prince was better than me !!! Keep it up buddy !! 👏👏 #VisitRwanda

13 hours ago 12
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🦍😍 Good morning !!!

1 days ago 31
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Eu e eles !! ❤️🦍 What an amazing experience!!! @visitrwandanow

1 days ago 20
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What a great day in my life, just want to say thank you for all!! Get the opportunity to learn in @singita about the conservation system and I really enjoyed it !!! ❤️❤️❤️ #oursingita

3 days ago 17
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A very sad and humbling experience to learn about what happened in this beautiful country. But it’s also incredibly inspiring to see how Rwandans have come together build a better future for themselves and others. Thank you, on behalf of the Arsenal family. ❤️ #Rwanda #Arsenal

3 days ago 12
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Thank you for the warm welcome Rwanda 🇷🇼!!!! So happy to be here !!! #kigali @visitrwandanow #visitrwanda

3 days ago 7
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Toda honra e glória seja dada a ti Senhor !!!

8 days ago 59
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8 days ago 14
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Parabéns meu irmão , você é um presente de Deus na vida de todos !! Sempre juntos 👊🏻👊🏻#happyBday #trintou

12 days ago 10
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Let’s keep fighting until the end guys ! Great spirit !!! Thank for all the supporters that came to Old Trafford and helped us !!! #gunners

13 days ago 23
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Great team spirit !! 💪🏻

22 days ago 26
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Well done lads ! Congrats little bro , God will always be with u !! You deserve !!! @bukayosaka87

25 days ago 14