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One of my goals for this year is to complete another half marathon. I went on a run/walk today and did 1.75 miles in 25 minutes. You don't have to be the fastest, but you do have to start. #Iamarunner #timetotrain #timeforme #fitness #goals #momlife

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Finished my Barre Blend workout tonight. I do not sweat a lot when the room is cool. I still worked hard and believe me when I say I sweat more in the summer. Still working on setting up the workout room. I have more weights that need to come downstairs.

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This is how I usually make my coffee in the mornings. One of the biggest things I see and feel from taking it is how quickly my nails grow out and how strong they are.

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We have a new family member. This is Ozzie. #catfamily

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We to The Factory in Franklin, Tennessee today. There is a gentleman there that has been carving and painting these for 40 years. He does all the work himself. #thisisart

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It's time for a #teaparty in our matching pjs. Love spending time with this girl.

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She wasn't tired at all. #fiveishard #naptime

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Not the best picture, but I completed the first workout of week two #FocusT25Cardio. This is the first time I completed it without pausing the video. I am really proud of myself. Honestly I could get down on myself. About a year and a half ago I completed a half marathon. I was probably in about the best shape I had ever been in. Now I am basically starting from scratch again. Stuff happens. Lots of stuff. From going back to work fulltime, to moving, to having a hysterectomy, but I am getting back in shape and I can already tell a difference. Now to keep it up and stay on track.

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I finished #FocusT25Cardio this morning. Sweaty and ready to get a shower before church.

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Finished #focust25totalbodycircuit today. I remembered to put a ponytail in today. Who else has random ponytail holders throughout their house? I printed out the paperwork for the Focus T25 program today so I can keep track of my progress. I need goals set or I don't finish the programs.

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Hydrating after #FocusT25Speed workout. I don't know why I decided to workout without my hair pulled back, but that was the choice I made. I do regret it. #Decemberworkout

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My workouts have not been consistent. Life is busy. I have prioritized other things over doing workouts. I am tired and don't want to do it. Basically, I am really good at making excuses. I realize this and am trying to do better. Today I completed #FocusT25Cardio. This is one of the workouts I went through to get back into shape after one of my pregnancies.

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Levi loves his baby cousin Elliot.

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Maggie and I just completed day 5 of #100morningmeltdown together. Freestyle flow definitely was a great stretching session and very needed. #momlife #relaxing

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Breakfast! Eating well can be filling. One egg, half an avocado, okra, and strawberries.

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I completed my second workout before midnight. Now onto homework. #student #100morningmeltdown #day2of100 #mom

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