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#InglouriousBasterds (2009), #QuentinTarantino

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Look beyond what you see. #TheLionKing

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#ZeroZeroZero, the new ambitious series about international trade of cocaine, required a huge amount of resources for its production. Directed by #StefanoSollima, #JanusMetz and #PabloTrapero, the shooting took place across 3 continents, 6 countries, 5 languages with cast and troupe coming from all over the world. Now available on #Sky in Italy! @skyatlanticit #ad

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All the actors who played the #Joker in a movie have won an Oscar for Best Supporting or Lead Actor. Jack Nicholson: 3 (2 Best Actor - One flew over the cuckoo's nest, As good as it gets, 1 Best Supporting Actor - Terms of Endearment) Heath Ledger: 1 (Best Supporting Actor - The Dark Knight) Jared Leto: 1 (Best Supporting Actor - Dallas Buyers Club) Joaquin Phoenix: 1 (Best Actor - Joker)

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#LeonardoDiCaprio, master of disguise 😂

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Amazing street art!🙌 Credits: @jpsartist

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Hollywood couple's chemistry 🤣

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#RyanGosling be Paparazzi 😂

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Which one is the saddest? Song: “I Know it’s Over” - #TheSmiths, (cover by #JeffBuckley) Via @cinema.magic

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#KeanuReeves and his #Matrix bass! Follow our music related page @musicmonkeys for more!

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In this scene of #JojoRabbit, "Heil Hitler" is said 31 times in one minute! According to writer/director #TaikaWaititi, he wanted a funny moment, but also wanted to illustrate how ridiculous Nazi protocols were. What are your thoughts on this film? Via @cinema.magic

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Winona Ryder in 1994 photographed by Ellen Von Unwerth 🖤

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