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On the set of #TheGodfather 🎬 Happy 81st birthday to the legendary #FrancisFordCoppola!

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I get goosebumps every time I watch this scene! Happy 56th birthday to the great #RusselCrowe!

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#Whiplash or #BlackSwan, which one do you prefer?

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#MatthewMcConaughey’s icon breakout role! “Alright alright alright” was the very first scene of his filmed acting career! . “Next thing I know, I'm in a car, getting ready to shoot the very first scene of my film acting career, unscripted. Am I nervous? Damn right, I'm nervous. “So I'm thinking, 'Who is Wooderson? Who is my man? You know, what's he about?' And I tell myself, 'Wooderson's about four things: he's about cars, weed, rock 'n' roll, and chicks.' “I look around, where I am, well I'm in my 70's Chevelle. That's one. I've got Slater riding shotgun, so I'm definitely getting high, that's two. And we've got Ted Nugent playing Stranglehold on the eight-track, well that's three. ' “At this point I hear over the intercom, ‘Action!’ And I look up across the drive-through at this red headed intellectual and I say to myself, ‘Buddy, you got three out of four. Alright, alright, alright!’” - #MatthewMcConaughey Matthew’s character; Wooderson, was based on his older brother. Early on in filming, Matthew’s father died, so filming was halted while he helped arrange and attend his father's funeral. McConaughey's production company's name, JKL Productions, comes from Wooderson's life credo: "Just Keep Livin'!"

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when you spot a hidden cut in #1917

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Mood. #JackNicholson chillin at home, 1969. Photographs by Arthur Schatz

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On the set of #TheDarkKnight 🎬

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Love these Polaroids taken by #Tarkovsky 📸 The Italian director #MichelangeloAntonioni gave his friend and colleague #AndreiTarkovsky a Polaroid camera in 1977. He took nearly 200 polaroid pictures in Russia and Italy, during the filming of #Nostalghia. The legendary filmmaker would have been 88 years old yesterday!

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#RobertDeNiros Mohawk from #TaxiDriver was not real, due to the fact that De Niro still had to shoot scenes for the film with hair after the Mohawk portions. Make-up Artist Dick Smith created a bald cap that was glued to De Niro's head, and the Mohawk was made of thick horse hair. That hairpiece is currently at the Museum of Moving Images in Astoria, New York.

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The moment she knew he fucked up #InglouriousBasterds

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#HeathLedger would have been 41 years old today 😢

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Happy 55th birthday to the great #RobertDowneyJr! What’s your favorite performance by him?

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