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#BradPitt, who was a big fan of “Lock, Stock and Two Smocking Barrels” (1998), approached director #GuyRitchie and asked for a role in #Snatch (2000). When Ritchie found Pitt couldn't master a London accent, he gave him the role of Mickey the Gypsy. In addition to that, Brad Pitt's character and indecipherable speech was inspired by many critics' complaints about the accents of the characters in “Lock, Stock and Two Smocking Barrels” (1998). Guy Ritchie decided to counter the criticisms by creating a character that not only couldn't be understood by the audience but that also couldn't be understood by characters in the movie.

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How #QuentinTarantino got his role as Jimmie in #PulpFiction (1994) 😂

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CALLING ALL FILMMAKERS AND ACTORS!!! Submit your short film to the Argo Untold Stories Short Film Awards 2020 To promote untold stories, @watch.argo has created a digital short film competition focused on spotlighting BIPOC voices. Film has the power to ignite a positive change - Argo is encouraging creators to have a social impact by using their talents to tell stories that matter. Argo is celebrating BIPOC experiences and culture, and wants to see works that reinforce strong messages, counter ignorance and promote universal social justice. Argo wants to hear from all creators, artists, performers, thinkers, and rebels who want to join Argo on its mission! Find out more: @watch.argo Argo Untold Stories Short Film Awards 2020 All submissions must: *Follow @watch.argo *Sign up to Argo online (www.watchargo.com) or in the app (launches next week!) . It’s free and takes 5 secs! *Submissions must have a running time of no more than 35 minutes (no minimum length) *Can be in ANY languages, however must have English subtitles Submit films to the link in our bio. Awards + Prizes: *BIPOC Director Award: $3,000 *Best Female Director: $3,000 *Best Drama: $3,000 *Best Comedy: $3,000 *Argo Impact Award: $3,000 *Fan Favorite: $500 Submissions open: 1 July 2020 Deadline: 31 July 2020 Late submissions deadline: 20 August 2020 Winners announced: 28 August 2020 *Winners and finalists will be streamed on Argo beginning 7 September.  *Prize winners will  be submitted to Argo’s network of global film agencies. *Prize winners will receive a 1-on-1 meeting with Hollywood producers and agents. Film submission fee: $1 Late film submission fee: $5 A-list jury announced on Friday! App goes live next week! Apply to link bio! Any questions - DM @watch.argo or email [email protected]

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👀The Kubrick gaze! Via @the.garden.scene

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#KeanuReeves 🙌 Favorite 5 films? 👇

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When time travel goes wrong 😂 #Dark

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Happy 71st birthday #ShelleyDuvall! #JackNicholson and Duvall have said that #TheShining was one of the hardest films of their careers; in fact, Nicholson considers Duvall's performance the most difficult role he's ever seen an actress take on. Duvall also considers her performance the hardest of her life. She suffered from nervous exhaustion throughout filming, including physical illness and hair loss. Despite how tough #StanleyKubrick was towards Shelley on-set, he spoke very highly of her ability in interviews, and found himself quite impressed by her performance in the finished film.

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This scene from #CinemaParadiso ❤️ Happy #InternationalKissingDay!

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Wait for it! 🔥 #FightClub Credits: @dinotomic

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Happy 40th birthday #EvaGreen! What’s your favorite performance by her?

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#EnnioMorricone died today 😢 The Legendary Italian composer was 91. R.I.P. What’s your favorite score composed by him?

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#TheIntouchables (2011) 🙌

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