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Thanks for having me today @Amazon! This is so cool! Just say “Alexa, donate to Happy School Year” to any Alexa-enabled device and you can donate a backpack to a student in need! Even better: Amazon will fill that backpack with school supplies! #HappySchoolYear #FoundItOnAmazon #ad

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In the same bed where John Lennon and @yokoonoofficial Ono recorded Give Peace a Chance ☮️. Montreal #Pride

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Goal!!! 🤟🏽🙌🏽⚽️ @SoundersFC #SoundersIsFamily

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Baby Girl, You will be able to do anything you put your mind to if you simply believe! Never walk in a room thinking of what you can’t do because of your gender! If you think it, it’s possible. If you dream it, it’s possible. If you believe it, it’s possible. It’s that simple. There’s only a small handful of female owners of any Major League Sports team, and I’m proud to be one of them! You are next Baby Girl! I have no doubt that by the time you’re my age, there will be many more! Go Si Si mama! ...And to every girl in this world, you can do anything you want to do and be anything you want to be! It truly possible if you believe. #WhyNotYou #GirlGang

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A Day I’ll Always Cherish! @DangeRussWilson and I are fired up to announce we are Team Owners of the Seattle @SoundersFC one of the best soccer franchises in the world! We can’t wait for our kids to grow up loving Soccer! Family is everything! Football and Futbol is Family! #SoundersIsFamily ⚽️💚💙

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I had such an incredible time with @AriannaHuff speaking to all the girls and women in the room about a lot of the things we experience! Never feel the need to fit in! Be uniquely you! Embrace who you are. Let’s continue to lift each other up! Love CC

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High School Pic Vibes ☺️. Proud of New Mommy @Kehlani and @TheeStallion for all the amazingness they’re putting out in the universe! Go Girls #FunTimes ❤️

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Half Time Special! It’s A Party 🔥 Let’s #Dance @Nickelodeon Thanks for having me!

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Tude. Let’s Get It. #Showtime

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Another 1 of life’s bucket list checked ✔️ I got slimed! Thanks @Nickelodeon! Gotta get my boys back. They enjoyed that a little too much 🤣 #KidsChoiceSports

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Hit dat pose baby boy 😎

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Smile my little sunshine SiSi. 💕

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Best Friends Forever ❤️

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I am so proud to share that I am the Creative Director of the Nike and Jordan Kids fall apparel collections exclusively at @FinishLine @finishlinewomen! Mommy’s and Daddy’s line up! Get your babies fresh! 💃🏽

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Monday Vibes. Off to work in my @ThomBrowneny 💃🏽 #Monday

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I’m Soooo Excited For THIS!! Yah! Can’t wait for you all to meet these 30 incredibly talented families! 🎤 ⭐️ @AmericasMostMusicalFamily! coming soon to @Nickelodeon! #AMMF #Family

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Go Baby Go ✌🏽🏈 #GoHawks

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