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Prettier than flowers | The Molly Wrap Top

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Never met a bookstore we didnt like 📚 Get our picks of the worlds coolest bookstores at the link in bio! #tlpicks courtesy of @incyvincyspider

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Good doggo brightens up the engagement photos 🎥@nicolascarrelofotografia - #crazydog #lookatmyballs #9gag #weddingphotography

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It be like that sometimes 👉🏽(via: mvrioj/twitter)

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With its secluded harbor, rustic charm and hypnotizing blue waters, Bozburun in southwestern Turkey is the perfect escape from the masses. 💙 #Travel #Beach #Summer . 📷 @bayaiyi . #Turkey #Mugla #Marmaris #Bozburun

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Reunited With Mama To Be @shaymitchell Makeup By @patrickta Assisted By @livmadorma Wearing My New @patricktabeauty Blush Coming Soon!

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TAG a BFF that would 💜 our NEW winter wonderglam luxe eye palette 🤤🤯 This cutie is only $54 (a $212 value) & comes with: ⭐️24 eyeshadows ⭐️deluxe lights, camera, lashes™ 4-in-1 mascara ⭐️deluxe tarteist™ gel liner ⭐️double-ended shadow brush Shop now on tarte.com & @sephora! #tarteholiday #crueltyfree #rethinknatual

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Don’t worry be happy 😊❤️ | Photography by @durangrurang

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These astronomers have discovered water vapor on a habitable-zone exoplanet for the first time

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Chris & Liam Hemsworth!

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That moment when you think you can pull off a moustache then instantly realise you’ve got to shave it all off. #facts

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Great photo of our dear friend @vitorcastro 👌🏽 #menwithstreetstyle

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{ At the Edge } • A nice guy sent me an email this morning, wondering if this place really exists, because he found my photo on the @govisitdenmark website. This dreamlike place is a called Løkken, on the west coast of Denmark. I waited in the rain - to take this picture - for about ten minutes, when the Sun passed through the clouds for a few seconds.

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Front & Center Of Attention🔥⁠⠀ Search: Oh My My Cut Out Mini Dress⁠⠀ Search: Judgement Free Heeled Sandal ⁠⠀ Tag your fire fit with @FashionNova #FashionNova and you might get featured on our page like @loanlove!⁠⠀ ✨www.FashionNova.com✨

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